How much does pest control cost in London

Pest control costs in London will vary depending on the pest control companies near me that I contact. Each local pest control companies will offer a range of pest control services that may be specific to them and then price them accordingly, following the marketing strategy they have set.

Like many other industries, offering pest control in London is about positioning and targeting. So the pest control cost in London will often be a direct consequence of the work carried out by the pest control service provider and the guarantee associated to it.

There is no such thing as cheap pest control. Cheap is easy, spray water, place little and/or cheap mice poison down, refuse to return when clients ask for the follow up visit.. What you want is value for money and more importantly putting an end to the pest infestation you are suffering from. Having said that we can possibly argue that some pest control services are over priced.

In some instance, the advertising cost in getting customer through the door can be very high. And such overheads can only be passed on to the customers. In itself, marketing and advertising costs can easily add £100 to the pest control service cost.

At inoculand, we won’t do any paid advertising and this allows us to reduce dramatically our overheads so we can pass on the savings onto the customers. We rely on the word of mouths and on hard work. We thrive to become the pest control company in London.

If you look at our pest control prices you will find they are upper average. We manage to designs services using the best chemicals that are as well often the most expensive, with the optimal number of visits to achieve the intended results. Then we catered a number of complementary premium pest control services to answer specific needs.

The approach is not entirely dissimilar of the Premium range of supermarket chains that offer quality products being cheaper because of the packaging/lack of branding associated costs. The best approach is therefore to compare the pest control cost in London of local pest control companies and check their reviews and service descriptions.