Top 3 Benefits of Using Perspex Signage

Perspex is durable and versatile plastic material that is commonly used as an alternative for glass because of its transparency and professional smooth-finish. Sign making companies, including Alphagraphics, use acrylic regularly when creating products for clients because of the great benefits it has to offer:

1) Professional and Attractive

The glass-like quality of acrylic looks clean and sophisticated when used as a background for simple text or graphics, such as a company logo. In addition to signs, acrylic works well for name plates that sit on the desks of employees.

2) Durable and Lightweight

One of the main features of acrylic is its durability. The tough plastic material is not easily broken like glass and it is resistant against all kinds of weather, making it useful for indoor or outdoor signage. Although acrylic is a tough material, it is significantly lighter in weight than glass, making transportation and installation easier. It also lowers the risk of dropping and breaking. These qualities allow acrylic to last longer than other signage materials, which is an important factor for businesses to consider when investing in advertising and signs.

3) Customizable

Perspex has the ability to be bent and molded into any shape or size at a relatively low temperature, making it easy for manufacturers to customize a sign to the needs of the client. In addition to the flexibility of the material, acrylic signs can have any design printed or affixed to it, allowing you to create an appearance that works best for your business.

Perspex signage work for any kind of business. Hotels, retail stores, and restaurants are common examples of where you might see acrylic signs. Also, office buildings or doctor’s offices often have name plates on desks or mounted on walls that are created using acrylic material. If you are looking for affordable and durable signage for your business, acrylic is always a great option.