Different Types of Pipe Fittings

Numerous types of pipe fittings are readily available in plumbing systems for various objectives and functions. A pipe fitting is utilized in pipes system to sign up with multiple pipes of exact same dimension or various sizes, to manage the flow or to determine the circulation.

Tee type
Cross kind

Arm Joint Pipeline Fittings

Joints are used to alter the instructions of circulation between two pipes. Elbow joints are generally offered with an angle of 22.5 o, 45o and 90o. If pipelines are of same size after that typical arm joints are used or else Reducer arm joints are made use of. Elbow joints are made from different products. These are normally featuring women threads as well as we can repair them by butt or socket welding also.

Reducer Pipe Fittings

Reducer is a pipe suitable element which minimizes the circulation dimension from bigger to smaller sized by minimizing size of pipe. Usually there are two kinds of reducers are available. One is concentric reducer which is like cone shaped with steady reducing around the pipeline however in this instance build-up of air may possible and also it leads to cavitation. Various other one is eccentric reducer which is having one side alongside attaching pipeline because of which air accumulation is not possible.

Tee type Pipe Installation

It can likewise be used to incorporate the flow from two inlets to one outlet. They are likewise readily available in different materials and different sizes.

Cross kind

These are linked when there are 4 pipelines are satisfying at a point. These fittings produce even more amount of tension on pipe as the temperature changes, due to the fact that they are located at the facility of 4 link points.


A combining is utilized to attach the pipelines of exact same diameter. Combining are additionally valuable if the pipe is damaged or leak takes place. Usually there are 2 types of couplings are readily available. Compression combining and slide coupling. Compression combining is regular coupling which is linked between 2 pipelines and it protects against leak by the plan of gaskets or rubber seals on both sides, otherwise glue is offered. Slide coupling is much easier to set up and also it has 2 pipelines which are set up as one into various other, inner pipe can slide as much as some size. So, we can repair long length damaged pipeline by slip combining.

Shutoffs in Pipe Fittings

Shutoffs are components of plumbing system which are made use of to quit or regulate circulation of liquid in its course. Different sorts of valves are offered depending up on their applications.

Some important kinds of shutoffs and also its applications are noted below.

Gate shutoff, plug shutoff as well as Round valve– utilized for seclusion only
Globe valve– used for throttling
Check shutoff– utilized for stopping opposite circulation (non-return).
Butterfly valve– made use of for isolation in addition to throttling.
Diaphragm valve– utilized for seclusion in addition to strangling.