Reasons to swap to compostable dog poop bags

Based on a recent survey, more than 9.9 million individuals in the UK very own at least 1 dog. If every single dog wonder used plastic dog poop bags to get after the dog of theirs, while with a great estimate, that is roughly eight billion plastic poop bags really going to landfill every year, exactly where they will stay (or blow into our oceans) for a huge number of years before breaking down into microplastics. But do not care, there is a solution. Check out our compostable dog poop bags and also learn the reason they are the best green poop sacks available today.

  1. They make use of green materials

Our eco poop bags for dogs are produced from a unique blend of starches, cellulose and vegetables that are completely plastic free. The plant and corn starch oils originate from EU grown maize, therefore you do not have to concern yourself with the farming and land use for the plants required for these bags either. Of the 7.8 million tonnes of maize that the EU grows, approximately 4.2 million (fifty four %) is utilized for food items, fourteen % can be used for the starch in cardboard and newspaper and just one % becomes bioplastics. In addition to this, there is hardly any palm or maybe soya, virgin soil or maybe deforestation associated with the making of the bags of ours. There is also no GMO DNA within the supplies either.

  1. They are compostable

Our poop bags are certified EN12343 compostable. Obtaining this certificate involves managing all of the supplies that get into the bags of ours, including the ink! But what does this particular composting certification mean? Really well, they will totally disintegrate after twelve days as well as totally biodegrade after 6 weeks when disposed of properly in your council’s composting services.
Other ultimate destinations

Some councils choose to dump or even incinerate their pet waste rather than composting, but do not care, these bags remain better for the earth than their horrible plastic alternatives. This is since they are made from sustainable energy rather compared to petroleum based plastics, along with being much less deadly to produce and break down. In case they wind up in this manner, a minimum of the supplies which are wasted are just a few years old instead of a few thousand years.

Furthermore, if for every explanation this compostable poop bag escapes into the planet, it is not hazardous. It is going to biodegrade, slowly, based on just how much oxygen is around, the same as a twig does.

  1. They are extra strong and long-lasting!

The fact is no one wants a poo finger! If our bags happened to be weakened, we realize you would have to double bag (using two times the level of materials) or maybe even worse, resort to plastic material! We have paid attention to the feedback of yours and adapted the models of ours, which means you could be absolutely positive in our compostable poop bags as well as start using as sources that are not many as you can.

  1. Their green manufacturing

The factory our bags are produced in is run by hundred % renewable energy. Coastal wind power offers all of the power for the factory, too charging the Hybrid cars which are today being phased in to change ordinary company automobiles. The uv lamps we would once dry out the water based inks on our bags are replaced with LED types, that has actually resulted in a substantial energy reduction! The factory can also be certified zero emissions’ as it cleanses and also recirculates the water that can be used in our container production.

The factory of ours likewise recycles all its waste material. As you are able to just imagine, when setting up machines and stopping a production run, tons of scrap may be grown. But do not care, not one of this is lost. Scraps are re melted into granules, washed and mixed back in at the beginning.