The 1950’s xk range explained – XK140

The XK140 was once more readily available in three body styles; the Open Two Seater (OTS), the Drop Head Coupé (DHC) as well as the Fixed Head Coupé (FHC). Along with this there was a more detailed choices list. The Special Equipment (SE) choice continued to be with the added option of the ‘C-type’ head pressing the autos power result as much as a declared 210bhp. The 140 was likewise offered with an Overdrive and also an Automatic gearbox giving the possible customer a complete variety of alternatives to match their needs. Exports still ruled the day in 1954 for that reason similar to the XK120 most XK140s were built in left hand drive and exported.

The Jaguar XK140 changed the XK120 in September 1954. After the tremendous popularity as well as success of its precursor the XK140 had a whole lot to live up to. Although the XK140 never ever recreated the motor sport success of the XK120 due to the fact that Jaguar were currently running the C-type as well as developing the D-type, the 140 was an industrial success. Don’t be misleaded by the XK140’s less stylish photo though; the 140 took whatever that was excellent regarding the 120 and also built on it.

Although the XK140 retained the exact same clean, moving lines of the XK120 there were many improvements to the vehicle hidden below. The engine was a lot more powerful from basic, guiding was boosted by a brand-new rack and pinion system, tighter handling as well as a smoother rider were accomplished by the old leaver arm dampers being replaced by telescopic shock absorbers and also the engine was moved on. One more benefit of the engine moving forward was that even more space was developed in the cabin enabling the taller driver much more legroom than in a 120. The roofline of the Jaguar XK140 was additionally extended to permit room for 2 little back seats and the screen was moved on. Complete bumpers were fitted as well as lashings of chrome gave the 140 a much more executive appearance without frustrating the straightforward lines of the vehicle.