What is the difference between a cover band and a function band?

I thought we ought to have a little time right now to answer the question above as I was talking to a prospective customer that requested me that very issue and I realised how confusing and daunting it could be for a very first period booker when they’re searching for a band for their event or wedding,party.

As in many trades and professions there’s an entire ton of jargonese with accumulated all around the world of music that is live and for many individuals that don’t deal with live bands on one day to day basis several of this particular jargon is actually confusing.So to be able to hopefully help the very first time booker of live bands I’ve developed an easy small dictionary of live band jargonese (sic) It is not intended to be entirely comprehensive (nobody truly must learn what a whammy bar is*) though it handles a few key phrases applied to the live band community which you may encounter when you’re trying to work with a live band for a party or even party.

The Dictionary of Jargon/Slang utilized by Live Party/Wedding Bands and Musicians

Cover Band, Function Band,Party Band,Wedding Band,Show Band,Cabaret Band.

Each of the above terms mean fundamentally the same and that’s a band that enjoy the own version of theirs of various other individuals songs.Obviously all of the conditions are able to use to a number of different form of band that is live.

The terms show band and cabaret band often be utilized by more mature companies and are dropping from style in many regions of the UK however get referred to in the North Of England and quite often by individuals searching for bands for jewish weddings.

Tribute Band

An 80s function band is a band that plays the music of only one particular genre. They usually also fashion and look as the band or maybe action in question.


This just means live show.most bands are going to call every booking a gig


This refers to a clause that is often set into the primary body of a bands contract for meals ,drinks or maybe some other requirement.

PA System

PA stands for public address and also the PA system may be the equipment that a band comes to your event or party,wedding to be able to be read by your guests.It would be the amplification with the voices in specific though most companies will even include other instruments through the PA system.


This refers to the live sets that the band will play.The length of these is specified upon quote though it’s usually two x sixty mins or maybe three x40 mins.

Backing tracks

The great bulk of our bands are completely living but occasional just one or perhaps 2 use backing tracks to be able to improve the live sound produced by the musicians.If a band applies backing tracks it’s usually specified in their artist description on the site of ours.

We’ve a selection of duos and solo that use backing tracks to duplicate the sound made by a complete live band.

Backing tracks are pre recorded parts of instrumentation.

Pat Certificate

A PAT certification is a file to suggest that a slice of equipment has been checked out by an authorized electrician to verify that’s is safe.

Many venues insist on getting all musical equipment PAT tried and nearly all of our actions have updated PAT certs for their equipment.However if your venue insists on this do inform us as not every venue does and some are stricter compared to others so the band have to be concerned about the requirement before the show.

Public Liability Insurance

Many venues are going to insist on looking at the bands public liability insurance.The great bulk of our actions have coverage also we are able to provide the information before the wedding or maybe party date so you are able to forward it with the venue.

Pre recorded music

The majority of our bands provide pre recorded music in between sets as well as for the period of the party.Some folks are unclear about what this particular means.It essentially means that the band will perform music over their PA system.This music might be supplied by yourself on an Ipod ,laptop or maybe MP3 player or maybe it may be supplied by the band every one of who have developed playlists from previous get-togethers and weddings.

Audio Check

Companies have to evaluate the audio levels and also make certain everything balances within the mix at each show.Most of the time this may be performed in fifteen mins or thereabouts though sometimes a band will find it difficult to find the correct audio in a specific room.This cannot be predicted ahead of time and also the one way around it’s keeping good checking until you’ve obtained it right.It is quite unusual sound checks keep going more than thirty minutes although band would want to find the balance right to be able to make sure that you’ve an excellent night.A fantastic live band with a terrible PA blend from a bad sound check will sound poor.

I am hoping the above glossary of terminology is valuable for you in case you’re trying to work with a live band for a party or even party.