The best solution to hair loss – SMP

What’s Scalp Pigmentation?

We have ready a guide to enable you to learn everything you have to know about head pigmentation. For starters, however, we have to define what the procedure is.

This particular method, also referred to as scalp micropigmentation (or maybe SMP), allows skilled professionals to inject pigment straight into the scalp of yours. The general effect gives the look of a thicker and fuller scalp of hair.

Just how does that work, precisely? It is generally an optical illusion. Because the pigment is going to be a little darker compared to the actual hair color of yours, the SMP process provides your whole scalp a more three dimensional and textured look.

In order to acquire it just right, it is going to need numerous treatments. But after that, you should not have to grow back unless you wish to change pigment color to attain another look.

Though the final effect is worth every penny. Actually, it is good to state that this completely changes the way the world is going to see you!
How’s This Different From A Tattoo?

And now you are aware the SMP process amounts to putting colored pigment into the skin of yours. And that results in quite a organic question: is this the same as obtaining a tattoo? The solution is both “no.” and “yes”

The main reason some say “yes” is simply because the treatment utilizes some specialized tattoo equipment. Particularly, the SMP practitioner is going to use an electric tattoo unit to place the pigment into the head of yours. So you can say that a person will utilize a tattoo application to put ink on the body of yours, which appears a great deal like a tattoo!

Nevertheless, as anybody who has become a traditional tattoo is able to let you know, that is the place that the similarities end. Most “real” tattoos utilize thicker needles to inject the ink much more deeply into the skin. The simple fact that this particular ink isn’t injected deeply into your head is among the factors that you will ultimately have to come back again for extra pigmentation.

Ultimately, the similarity between a tattoo and scalp micropigmentation is surface deep (no pun intended). Dig a bit deeper and you are going to see that the tools, techniques, and overall methods are quite different.

What Makes This Better Than Hair Transplants?

In case you are keen on fighting hair loss, you have most likely explored many possible choices out there. And meaning you have gained an extremely fair question: what helps make scalp micropigmentation much better compared to hair transplants?

For starters, the non invasive SMP process is easier and quicker compared to the hair transplant process in cases that are many. Hair transplants frequently require multiple medical procedures, and the expense of both these methods and also the aftercare process may easily pile up.

Next, there’s no actual comparison with regards to how long these methods take. Although SMP may take several treatments, each time is usually no more than three hours. A hair transplant process generally takes between 8 10 hours, and you will require a whole twenty four many hours to recover!

Third, the discomfort of the SMP process is less (and much less annoying) than hair transplant pain. Although the transplant process is largely painless, you’ll probably spend days grappling with annoying itches. Meanwhile, the SMP procedure has moderate discomfort during the process, though you will be less itchy in the coming days.

The mileage of yours may vary, though most folks will acknowledge several gentle discomfort (far milder compared to tattoo pain) to escape the annoyance of frequent itchiness coming from hair transplants!

What exactly are the primary Advantages of Pigmentation?

We have dived a little into what SMP is and also the reason it is a lot better than obtaining a hair transplant. Beyond that, however, what are the primary advantages of this procedure?

For starters, it does precisely what it states it’ll. This is not like some medication making wild claims about amazing hair growth. Rather, placing pigment on your scalp functions just as we have described, and the end result appear to be fantastic.

Next, it is much less expensive than hair transplants. We have got a price breakdown below, but this’s a good way to battle hair loss without emptying your wallet.

Third, this’s an extremely safe process. It does not involve any exotic medication, scary chemical substances, or maybe painful incisions.

Fourth, there’s no actual maintenance involved. You are able to clean the area as usual, without requirement for just about any special aftercare products.

Lastly, you get the type of results which speak for themselves. Scalp micropigmentation looks a lot more reasonable compared to the common hair transplant, and the one complication is it can make you appear younger.

Throw because this’s a long-lasting remedy, and you’ll quickly discover that scalp micropigmentation is the answer you have been searching for!
Who’re The very best Candidates?

Almost anyone looking for a Hair loss Treatment Birmingham could gain from SMP. Nevertheless, a number of candidates for this therapy will help more than others.

Needless to point out, the process works much better for all those with hair loss rather than severe hair loss. That is because the procedure shades the head and allows the thinning areas merge together with your real hair. When you do not have lots actual hair left, which may be an issue!

Individuals recovering from cancer treatments may well especially benefit from SMP. As the locks are growing again, micropigmentation is able to render your scalp appear healthy and full that much faster.

Likewise, all those that are afflicted by alopecia might uniquely gain from SMP. Because that condition leads to hair falling away in spots, micropigmentation is a terrific way to assist those patches merge with the surrounding hair.

What’s The Treatment Process Like?

We have talked a bit up to now about how the SMP treatment procedure works. Before you are able to determine whether it’s appropriate for you or perhaps not, you have to realize the process in its entirety.

In many cases, you are likely to make no less than 2 visits to the professional. The very first visit is essentially only an appointment with the SMP artist in which you discuss the various choices of yours.

Part of this’s telling the artist what you would like from the SMP process. Are you hoping to create your hair look thicker or even restore a hairline? In some instances, you might actually want SMP to hide some scarring on the head of yours.

The other part is choosing the color and design you want. Given just how long SMP lasts, you have making a great choice only at that stage! Between going over the options of yours and launching the very first therapy, this original visit generally takes between 2 3 hours.

You will make another trip for one more treatment later (typically a couple of weeks later, though it might be earlier based upon your recovery). The next visit will help the SMP artist increase the shading to the scalp of yours and also address any of your respective worries about the original shading.

As you are able to tell, you need to utilize your healing time wisely. Closely analyze the scalp of yours for any places that you think need extra attention.
What To Do Before Or perhaps Between The Treatments of yours

The particular SMP procedure is really basic, especially than getting a hair transplant. But to obtain the best results, there are a couple of things you will have to do before the treatment of yours or between treatments.

You will want to get a shower before all of the treatments of yours. That is since you will have to keep your scalp from water for approximately 4 times after treatment. That means you will have to avoid showers, sauna rooms, swimming, etc.

It is great to keep the head of yours outside of the sunshine leading up to that very first treatment. The simplest way to accomplish this is to merely wear a hat.

Between treatments, it is safe to take a bath once more after four days or so. Though you need to avoid very hot water that is going to generate steam. You will also have to stay away from steam rooms and swimming and saunas altogether.

As for the sun, you have to relieve your scalp back to that. You need to stay away from sunlight on the scalp almost as you can for the first 4 days after treatment. Next, you can get 45 60 minutes of sunlight on the scalp of yours.

It doesn’t matter how much or maybe just how small sun you’re receiving, test moisturizing your scalp on a regular basis after 4 days of restoration.

Honestly, however, it is great to avoid sunlight on the scalp of yours almost as possible between treatments. This can help your scalp hold onto the pigmentation that a lot more time.

What To Do (Or Not Do) After Your Final Treatment

As we stated before, you will most likely be accomplished with the entire SMP procedure after a couple of weeks. What must you do (or not do) after your last treatment? The majority of the information is akin to what you had been previously doing.

4 days or so after the final treatment of yours, you need to start regularly moisturizing the scalp of yours once more. Plus you will have to have it easy for 5 days or perhaps so, meaning no heavy exercise. Nevertheless, it is okay to walk around as typical in your workplace or home.

For 28 days, you are likely to have to avoid swimming pools, steam rooms, and saunas. You will also have to stay away from the sun for twenty eight days or even more. Next, you need to begin rocking some sunscreen (anywhere between SPF thirty to SPF fifty) to maintain the head of yours and body safe and sound.

It might be as a great deal, but this particular aftercare routine is easy and does not take that long. You will be to doing anything you need before you realize it.