Claiming compensation for workplace injuries with no win, no fee solicitors

If you have suffered from an injury whilst at work, you might be thinking about claiming compensation. Most industrial disease and personal injury solicitors offer expert legal advice free of charge and support you in your claim on a no win, no fee basis. So, if you think you may have a claim, a free legal assessment would be your best option. You can receive such an assessment over the phone and often it won’t take much longer than an hour to find out exactly what options you have. You are further under no obligation to go forward with making a claim, even if your chosen legal expert has stated you have a strong case.

Providing evidence for a workplace injury claim

To be able to provide the best possible evidence for your workplace injury claim, there are certain things that you can do that can really help. However, most of these need to have been done immediately after your accident. If you haven’t taken any of these steps, don’t worry, there may be other proof your solicitor can use to prove you are entitled to compensation. It is understandably difficult to carry out all of these steps, especially directly after you have suffered an injury, so even partially completing some of these may be helpful.

The best things to do after you have suffered from a workplace injury are:

  • Take photos of where the accident happened, if there were any hazards on that day take photos of those. You could also ask colleagues if they have taken such photos or if there is security footage
  • Take notes on the circumstances of your accident and anything or anyone that was involved, make sure to have a clear list of names of potential witnesses and colleagues that were working close by that may have seen or heard something
  • Ask anyone who was a witness to your accident to record their own version of events as they saw them. If they write down their experience in detail that will help them to remember at a later date. Also take their contact details in case you will need to ask them anything further or seek more clarification
  • Take further photos of any injuries that have occurred as a result of your accident and keep a record how injuries have impacted you

Compensation for an injury caused at work can help you to pay any necessary medical bills that you may have accumulated since your accident. It can also cover any lost wages from times that you have not been able to go into work.

An employer should do what they can to protect their employees from harm, regardless of the type of work they carry out. Your health and safety should not be compromised for profits, so if you do suffer, you are entitled to compensation. If you do not claim you are likely to become worse of financially, as you have to cover additional costs and miss out on income. An injury can also have long term implications and affect your life further down the line, so never consider it ‘part of the job’.