Top Tips for Obtaining a Hong Kong Employment Visa

As Hong Kong has long been considered an attractive location for experts to establish their occupations, it is understandable that many individuals would get work visas under Hong Kong’s General Work Policy plan (” GEP”).

Immigrants must not really feel daunted, as the Hong Kong employment visa procedure is well recorded, clear, as well as straightforward to complete. In this write-up, we will offer tips on how one can optimize their opportunities of obtaining a Hong Kong work visa.

Gather the Needed Supporting Documents

This idea may sound easy, but it is often ignored. One of the most common factor for why a Work Visa Application is declined is when the application does not have sufficient documentation to support the candidate.

For example, several candidates assume that a file evidencing a job deal suffices. However, assessors will frequently describe a candidate’s education background, recommendation letter, as well as relevant job experiences to determine whether the person has adequate qualifications to satisfy their role.

On the occasion that the Hong Kong Migration Division ask for additional information, which is really common, applicants will normally be provided 2-3 weeks to supply the impressive details. In case the applicant fails to satisfy this deadline, the Migration Division will certainly close the instance as well as the applicant will need to file a new application– most definitely not a better course when wishing to begin a brand-new work in Hong Kong.

You Need a Qualified Hong Kong Business to Enroller Your Work Visa

An employment visa application can just be accepted if the funding employer is an identified Hong Kong company. Simply put, the business should have been incorporated in Hong Kong.

Even if a firm has procedures in Hong Kong, candidates must ensure that their employer has a Hong Kong service enrollment license and also is able to show a great reason why a local prospect can not fill the work opening. Some instances of records that can sustain this are task promotions, CVs of unsuccessful candidates, and also interview records. On top of that, the funding company needs to preserve an excellent proportion in between regional and foreign hires.

Think About Expert Aid

In the event that a job visa application is rejected, submission of succeeding work visa applications will certainly be progressively challenging. Because of this, the very best possibility of obtaining a job visa gets on the first effort.

To prevent any type of situation where a resubmission is called for, applicants can think about engaging a professional firm to help while doing so. Many specialist firms are experienced at taking care of Hong Kong visa application procedures, and can encourage as to how assessors will certainly translate each application. They can usually also assist to submit the application on the candidate’s part.

Understand What Individual Qualities Can Enhance the Possibilities of Getting Accepted

The Hong Kong federal government will certainly examine each work visa application on a case-by-case basis to determine the quality of each applicant. Specifically, assessors will certainly check out each candidate’s professional high qualities to see:

If the applicant possesses a good educational background, or has documentary proof of their technical credentials, relevant specialist capabilities, success, as well as experience;
That the candidate’s commission bundle is in line with the dominating market criteria in Hong Kong;
There is a high probability that the candidate can provide a favorable contribution to Hong Kong’s economy and also culture.

Plan Your Employment Visa Application Beforehand

The Hong Kong Migration Department will commonly need at least 4 to six weeks to refine an employment visa application. However, this procedure can only start when they have gotten all requested paperwork. Naturally, if assessors have inquiries relating to the application, the timeline could be prolonged even more.

Because of the size of time involved, it is a good idea to have the application and all feasible sustaining documents ready at hand when applying.