All about Evil Bikes The Offering


The quiet Quiver Killer hits again. The Offering is our 140mm 29″ big wheeled trail bike utilizing a steeper 77° seat perspective and also the very best characteristics from both its Wreckoning and Following brothers. Nevertheless, the Offering stands by itself, with an increased reach that benefits both descending and climbing, a fierce DH ability, an Enduro cardiovascular, and diabolical cornering powers. Poppy-as-hell, fast, stiff, and quiet, the Offering sacrifices only provides you with God like powers. All hail, the Dark Lord of singletrack.

The Offering is Evil Bikes do anything mountain bike. It sits healthily in the middle of our 29er trail bike trilogy with a short counterbalanced fork to always keep the handling tight as well as a steeper seat tubing to facilitate climbing. The trunnion mounted 140mm rear shock tips at downhill prowess. The Offering possesses a lust for adventure and also is found to function as the One True Bike to get epic all day trail missions while still enjoying themselves turning the berms and flowing jump lines. Evil out of the parking lots on the top and returned once again, the Offering is a tried-and-true mountain bike inside probably the strictest sense of the phrase.

Climb. Descend. Smile. Do this.

If Evil’s Following may be the brief travel trail slayer and also the Wreckoning is our leg powered DH legend, subsequently the Offering will be the all arounder twenty niner. It rotates up just like a tornado and also descends with playful fury. Evil’s geometry stays shred ready for most riders. Wherever you reside and just how you pedal, Evil’s bicycles function integrated adjustability to raise the ride of yours. Plus it is all because of the Flip Chip. Switching the orientation of Flip Chip has a 2.1 degree spectrum of change covering every style of driving from laid back to aggressive. Flip it to LOW and also the Offering is prepared to drive in a trail happy, fast handling capacity. Or even choose the X-LOW place to shed the bottom bracket eleven millimeters and slacken the top tube angle for increasing confidence and stability in steeper terrain and greater speeds. Offering does everything.

Need more freedom? With Evil’s aftermarket perspective established, an additional four positions become currently available, enabling a maximum of six potential configurations. Ride the Offering within the stock () that is low orientation with ultra efficient forward pedaling position, or even in X LOW with an aftermarket slack 1.5 degree angle ready to boost the comfort zone of yours in the steeps. Flip Chips place the driver in which the driver wants to be.

SUPERBOOST+ rear spacing enables more tire clearance, along with a more rigid frame chassis. We updated the primary pivot hardware being stronger and wider too. Slap a corner way too hard? The bike can hold the line. Land sideways becoming much too zesty on a whip? She will fix you. The Offering is a mountain bike intended being pressed. Add in downtube man-made materials with effect foam for dampening attributes that reduce impact and noise, full internal guide tubes, featuring cables and producing crisp style and clean lines. Rubber chainstay protectors as well as chain guide keep chain slap noise almost nonexistent.

While the Offering is already a versatile pressure of nature, Evil provides even more customization through multiple well curated build kits. Choose a 150mm Rockshox Lyrik fork with Rockshox Super Deluxe Ultimate RC, out there with Eagle X01 or sram GX, and go full futuristic together with the AXS wireless electric shifting kit. Lastly, the fierce Push 11 6 rear shock option to satisfy those faithful with the coil shock fringe. Choose the weapons of yours. Make your Offering.