How To Apply Your Wall Stickers

Although it is relatively very easy to use wall stickers, we do suggest that you adhere to the following steps to ensure that you place your decal up properly the first time!

Products You Will Certainly Need To Use Wall Stickers

A Credit Card, Vehicle driver’s Certificate or something similar.
Some Concealing Tape
One Set of Scissors

These Tools Make Application Of Wall Surface Stickers Easier Yet Aren’t Vital

A Lengthy Leader
A Spirit Level

Your Sticker will show up composed of 3 various parts. To aid you with the application of your wall art stickers, there is a layout to highlight which layer is which. The three components are as follows:

A – Application layer
B – Support Layer
C – Plastic wall Decal

Ensure the area is tidy, completely dry and also devoid of dirt by cleaning with a slightly damp fabric and after that allow the area completely dry for at the very least a few hours prior to you start using the decals.

Freshly painted wall surfaces should be left for at least 2 weeks before application; if your wall sticker is to be fitted on a wall where the opposite side of the wall is exterior you have to wait 4-5 weeks prior to application.

If you have several decals on one sheet you might desire to divide them to make the job much more manageable. Roll the Sticker( s) out on a flat surface. Ensure the sticker is flat on the surface making use of the hand of your hand to guarantee there are no creases or bubbles noticeable.

Essential Notes On Applying Your Wall Surface Sticker:

Taking your time when using the stickers will assist you accomplish the best results. Make certain every little thing remains in position prior to getting rid of the support layer as the glue layer listed below is really sticky.

  1. Lay the sticker out on the surface, with the transparent application layer facing you. Tape all 4 edges of the decal to the wall surface with your masking Tape.
  2. Use a strip of tape throughout the sticker to produce a support point (flat or up and down relying on shape of the sticker).
  3. As soon as the sticker is secured, get rid of the tape from both top edges.
  4. Start to carefully peel the application layer from the backing layer, making certain the sticker is stayed with the application layer. Keep peeling till you reach the support factor.
  5. Cut the support layer as near to the central divide as feasible.
  6. Use your credit card or squeegee to stick the decal (and also application layer) to the surface area, bewaring to remove all bubbles. Begin with the middle as well as job outwards, going up slightly as you go along.
  7. Wait a few mins for the sticky to attach the decal to the wall surface then remove the support tape as well as repeat actions 6-8 on the contrary side.
  8. Wait 10 mins then peel back the clear paper ensuring plastic decal is totally adhered to your surface area (peel back gradually to make certain wall paint does not come off with the clear paper).

As well as there you have it!

If you take place to come throughout any kind of issues when applying your wall surface sticker or just require some guidance prior to beginning, give us a call as well as we will be able to walk you through the actions as well as offer you the proper details to help you place your sticker on the wall.