Jewellery Photography Props

This is an introduction of the fashion jewelry photography props that I make use of while photographing earrings, lockets, arm bands as well as rings. By props, I suggest the important things I make use of to place jewelry as well as necklaces so I can photograph them in the angle that I require to.

Exactly How to Picture Necklaces

I use 3 props for necklaces– one for much shorter pendant necklaces, another for lengthy lockets and also a basic bust for split lockets.
Necklace stand:

This stand is valuable because it has ports that can be utilized depending on whether you want a wide/narrow V shape on the pendant image. And it also aids suit for various sizes of chains.

Here is what I utilize yet any type of similar stand will function. I purchased this on Amazon– it was a dark brownish shade, which I spray painted white to avoid the dark shade reviewing the precious jewelry.
fashion jewelry digital photography props – photographing a necklace
Photographing Long Necklaces:

For long necklaces that required to be fired hanging, I couldn’t find a comparable stand as above so I DIY’ed an easy stand. Some wood as well as photo nails. I utilize this for 30 ″ lockets These lockets are also long for the stand above– they would hit the surface.
props to photograph jewelry pendants.

I might utilize this for short lockets also but the other stand is a lot more versatile. But if you can make a far better stand than what I did here, then this can possibly be your only stand.

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When photographing necklaces level, I make use of a dish (or in some cases a can) to shape it.
props for precious jewelry photography necklace
Exactly How to Photograph Earrings
Studs or other Jewelry with a Blog Post Back:

For earrings with stud backs, I have an acrylic stand with two holes it it. It functions completely for all jewelry with a stud back. Or for small studs, I just lay them flat on a surface area with no prop.
how to photo earrings
Photographing earrings with hook backs:

Right here, I make use of a framework like the above however with an eliminated facility. And also I use clear acrylic thread held together with clips. The clear thread is obtained in photoshop to accomplish the floating impact on jewelry.

I do not bear in mind where I got this from (from a small shop I discovered while googling) yet I checked a little bit on as well as don’t see anything comparable. Still, it’s basic sufficient to make it you are a bit useful– you can use a pair items of wood like the locket prop above and also instead of the bar on top, link some clear string and even white string will certainly do.
earring photography props

The three cards (black, gray and also white) cards are used over to enable color improvement in Photoshop. I’ll install one more article quickly on how to make use of these.

Here are a few of the finished photos.
props for precious jewelry digital photography
props for jewelry photography
props for necklace digital photography
precious jewelry item photography with props
earring props digital photography
fashion jewelry photography props 1
Various Other Jewelry Photography Props
White ceramic tile or acrylic sheet:

I do not directly use this however if you wish to get all-natural reflections of fashion jewelry in your pictures, after that a black or white shiny ceramic tile is a good alternative. As well as there are acrylic sheets like these on amazon– link.
reflective precious jewelry photography props
White putty or prop wax for rings and also arm bands:

To obtain a ring to stand, I make use of white putty or prop wax. I like this white putty due to the fact that it does not make your fingers as well as product sticky. Yet prop wax is another alternative to try. Put a little bit of this under the ring to make it stand– amazon web link.
white putty to make rings stand throughout digital photography
White putty– Picture from

Working with precious jewelry is difficult since it’s tough to get chains, ear cables and also beauties to sit at the angle you desire it to. These props aid you do that. I’ve tried a number of different types of props for photographing fashion jewelry yet the ones stated above have functioned finest for me.