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Styling An Ear Cuff

Trendy, quirky and also lively, the ear cuff is coming to be increasingly preferred and also it’s clear to see why. Permitting you to include an edgy yet posh finish to your look, ear cuffs allow you to experiment with earrings past the standard designs, without needing to start as well as opt for a more long-term piercing. Read on to uncover exactly how to style the ear cuff, in addition to just how to place one correctly, and also several of our favorite styles for the period ahead …

Styling Your Ear Cuff Ear cuffs can be put on alone as a declaration item, and also typically make a great choice to the traditional stud, hoop or decline earring. Perfect for unique events as well as off-duty style, an ear cuff is ideal for adding that finishing touch as well as passion to your look, without making evident options.

Designed to hug the outer curve of your ear, ear cuffs can be put on alone as a single declaration piece, stacked in multiples, or styled with other earrings to develop an eclectic and also quirky look.

If you have 2 piercings to your lobe, try styling your ear cuff with a single stud in the second piercing, and also a small and also simple hoop in the very first. Ear cuffs commonly look finest when used only on one side, as opposed to creating a balanced look as well as matching on both ears. Play around with different combinations, such as a single stud in each lobe, or more studs in each wattle, and also an ear cuff to complete the look.

Fitting Your Ear Cuff When you first attempt to fit your ear cuff, if you’re unclear of specifically what to do this can be a little complex, and additionally painful. Placing on your ear cuff absolutely doesn’t have to hurt though, once you get made use of to it it’ll be as very easy as putting in your studs. Comply with these simple steps to securely and also easily put on your ear cuff:

  1. Slip your cuff onto your upper ear while searching in the mirror. Discover the thinnest section of your cartilage as well as slide the opening of the cuff around it. One side of the cuff need to go to the front of the ear, the various other at the back.
  2. Hold the ear taught against your head utilizing 2 fingers. Using your other hand, slide the cuff down your ear till you get it in the position that you desire. Normally the perfect placement is just over the ear wattle, yet still on the cartilage of your ear.
  3. The ear cuff must currently sit conveniently and also snuggly on your ear. Check that it really feels comfy and isn’t squeezing, as this will certainly come to be more agonizing as the day takes place. If it feels a little tight, attempt gliding it up or down a little to locate a place where it really feels a lot more comfy. Most significantly, examine that it really feels secure as well as in a position that won’t budge, so that you stay clear of the risk of misplacing it during the day.

Discovering Your Perfect Style As we move right into autumn/winter, this season calls for luxury ear cuffs with a little glamour and beauty. We are presently so crazy with the Joubi Crystal Rainbow Ear Cuff collection. Select from a single row of crystals for a more fragile touch, or a double row for a more statement feel. Both styles readily available in your selection of silver or gold coating. Studded with mutli-coloured Cubic Zirconia crystal stones, these ear cuffs use the ideal method to add some declaration sparkle to your look!

If you choose an even more low-key style, try the Crystal Ear Cuff, which is available in silver, gold as well as rose gold, and also is established with easy white Cubic Zirconia stones for a cleaner, easier surface. Ear cuffs are the ideal way to update your style for the period ahead, and make a terrific investment item for those that enjoy trendy design with a wacky edge!