The Story of the Kanken

Cast the mind of yours returned to 1978. The Bee Gees are in the roof of the hit parade, zombies are lurking outside a shopping centre of Dawn of the Dead as well as in Sweden eighty % of the population are experiencing back issues because of unwieldy shoulder bags.

With again hunchbacks and professionals almost everywhere anxiously scrambling to locate a brand new look before another generation of Swedes are crippled, in actions Fjällräven mastermind and outdoor enthusiast, Mr Åke Nordin with his spine saving school bag – the Kånken.

With a title which means’ carry’ in Swedish, it is not a lot of a surprise that the Kånken was created to do that. By using 2 straps rather than only one, the mass of heavy school books was spread evenly on both shoulders meaning much less stress on the rear.

In addition to the spine saving form, the bags were created out of a super durable fabric (known just as’ Vinylon F’) and full of a smörgåsbord of valuable functions, like a paper pocket for the news conscious pupil, a reflective badge along with a removable seat pad for the unexpected Swedish-meatball picnic.

With all the backing of the Swedish Guide as well as Scout Association, Kånken backpacks were soon the bag of preference for both Scandinavian school children as well as fully grown individuals equally, and today, almost forty years after they initially hit the playground, more than 200,000 of the bags are being sold each year, which makes them the best selling backpacks on the planet.

Even though the term’ classic’ is tossed about somewhat loosely these days; we reckon the dependable ol’ Fjällräven Kånken unquestionably deserves the name.

With a style that is remained exactly the same after 1978 it is yet as beneficial as ever, and if you would like something skillful or maybe one thing not-quite-so-subtle, there is a Kånken sale to fit actually the pickiest of backpackers.