What is an Inflatable Tent?

With blow up tents ending up being more and more popular, and also with countless brands currently developing their own variations of this concept, we thought we ‘d address some of the frequently asked questions we get in respect to this fantastic brand-new innovation.

The term ‘inflatable tent’ may sound a bit like a bouncy castle, but in truth it’s the basic term for a tent with inflatable light beams rather than fibreglass posts. These camping tents can additionally be called air tents or blow up beam of light camping tents, among various other names.

We stick to a basic name for these camping tents, as each brand name has a various name for their very own technology. You might have listened to the names ‘Airbeam’ by Vango, ‘Airgo’ by Hey There Equipment or ‘SmartAir’ by Outwell to name just a couple of. Though they’re all various in their own means, each completed with the exact same suggestion: an outdoor tents without posts that you inflate to pitch.

Blow up camping tents are a large progression for family tents. The entire pop-up idea that you get with smaller camping tents that can be pitched in seconds is terrific, but it doesn’t work that well with a camping tent that can house 6 or even more people– it simply obtains a little unpleasant. An inflatable outdoor tents just requires to be unravelled, inflated and also secured down.

We took to social media to ask questions on the top picks Airbeam tents.

1)” I such as the concept of an air outdoor tents for easy erection, yet watch out for buying one as every blow up item I have actually ever gotten has dripped air and the valves look suspiciously like those discovered on affordable plastic airbeds. I know the beams are tough yet with my luck the shutoffs would stop working.”– Missy

We have actually all had issues with inflatables, however the reason blow up tents are a little bit extra expensive than your typical camping tent, is that they are made from a much stronger material. Consider it as getting a far more reliable airbed, you ‘d possibly expect it to set you back a little more than your basic spending plan airbed. We had the Vango inflatable tents pitched outside/inside several of our shops in 2013 as well as we’ve actually been out sleeping in the Hey there Equipment ones this year while out shooting, and also we can say that we haven’t had the tent decrease on us in the evening right now. The beams are just one of one of the most vital aspects of these tents, so it’s something that each brand has absolutely worked with to make certain they are reputable.

2) “I don’t understand about the airbeam tents? Air can not be as strong as fibreglass or steel, an excellent strong wind and I would certainly believe they ‘d be all over the place?”– Mark

When you think of inflatables, you consider the coastline patronize the seaside with all those dinghies as well as blow up crocs etc. going wild in the wind, right? Don’t worry, the light beams on these outdoors tents inflate to become truly rather sturdy. These outdoors tents have actually pitched outside our shops over a whole summertime (as well as you recognize how unforeseeable the British summer season can be) with marginal problems. Don’t take our word for it though, we listened to back from someone who had a blow up camping tent already as well as they had this to claim:

” we have the Vango Evoque 400 as well. Brilliant in one word. Used last summer through France, Italy, Austria & Germany, oh, and UK also … withstands really solid wind easily, woke one morning after tough tornado, went outside, nothing had actually relocated, person ropes still educated, maintained perfect shape … & it’s the most waterproof camping tent I have utilized in over 33 years of Camping”– Rob

” In 2015 we went all over the place in horrid damp weather condition and 90 m.p.h winds, the outdoor tents took it all and I remained cozy & completely dry throughout. All Vango components are assured (not had a trouble)”– Anne

Fibreglass poles can be recognized to stop working in high wind if the camping tent is pitched under excessive stress, the primary advantage that blow up outdoors tents have is that there’s no chance of this kind of issue occurring.

3) “I ‘d be afraid of obtaining a leak and also the entire point falling down on me in the night!”– Emma

For this kind of tent to be as strong as they are, they need to be made from a hard wearing material, this makes sure that they aren’t as simple to puncture as you may believe. However if slits do take place, they’re straightforward to repair (unlike a post breeze)– simply use the fixing package provided, similar to you would certainly a bike tyre.

4) “A concern I would have is youngsters letting them down??”– Rose

The Hey Gear Airgo camping tents have one pump factor (for fast inflation) yet countless quit valves, as well as the Vango Airbeams have several pump points, so every one of the beam of lights should not deflate simultaneously. We wouldn’t state that there is any more danger than a typical outdoor tents, which can likewise be removed from the outdoors by disconnecting the pole from the pin. You must be fine.

5) “Are inflatable outdoors tents better than ‘regular’ outdoors tents ??”– Sam

Fibreglass camping tents and also steel poled outdoors tents are popular for a reason– they’re great! Whether inflatable camping tents are much better is totally to you, the camper. If you’re trying to find a big household outdoor tents that can be pitched by someone, rapidly, then a blow up outdoor tents is excellent. If you’re a camper that’s had a bad experience with breaking posts during a camping trip, after that a blow up tent is excellent. If you’re a household on a spending plan, or you’re reasonably new to camping and also not wanting to invest as much on a tent, then we would certainly recommend looking at a fibreglass poled tent.

The ideal camping tent for you, might not be the right outdoor tents for somebody else. Think about where you will certainly be outdoor camping, whether you’ll have help to pitch, just how much space you require, as well as what kind of budget you need to invest.