Why you deserve a designer bag

Every man needs a designer bag. But no, no. Listen to me, every male must own and also don a custom bag with pride. Do you realize exactly how much, as a female, I can easily fit in my bag? It really is as Mary Poppins from y’all. I am talking purse, paper, pen, snacks, hairbrush, phone, keys, additional snacks.

It’s astounding how many essentials you are able to provide with a bag, but males have a tendency to follow their absolutely nothing and pockets else. Very well, right here at Mainline Menswear we say no more! Here is the reasons you (yes, you!) should have a custom bag; and most of the methods you are able to use it.
The area!

Also known as a murse, (trust me on that one) Mens Designer Bags are not a novelty. Rather, see the bag of yours as an useful companion on your daily. You are able to fit all that you will need inside a bag and much more, which will make your outfit look smarter no matter what you are using since you will not have any bulging pockets.

When you’ve a great deal to pack for that sunny day out, why not choose a satchel? If Indiana Jones is able to pull it off, you are able to also. We suggest you are wearing your satchel low on one shoulder and never cross body? unless you are the postman.

Upgrade Every Outfit

Bags are able to make a very good statement piece and are a fast method to update the outfit of yours. When I mention bag please do not immediately mistake the phrase with purse. Paris’s 2018 fashion week saw many males wearing all kinds of various bags? from tote to bum bags.

When you would like to use a bag though you are unsure what suits still, we suggest you stick to basics and don a backpack to more events. Used properly, with colours complimenting the outfit of yours; a designer backpack could be useful and include that finishing accessory to the outfit.

Many different Bags for Different Occasions

That is right, males, you are able to have several bags for various occasions! I am speaking gym bags, work bags (otherwise known as a briefcase, I suppose), looking (tote) bags, laptop cases, carry on bags. The sole limit is the creativity of yours. So make use of the situation you are in by using the one that fits.