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Guitar Pick Thickness, Size & Shape: How to pick the perfect pick

When it comes to producing the ideal tone, most individuals commonly think it all has to do with the guitar, or the amp, or the pedals. But something that often tends to obtain ignored is the guitar pick. This little, low-cost device has such an influence on your noise and playing, yet it often tends to be among the last things that guitar players think about transforming. With all alternatives of guitar pick thicknesses, dimension, shape, and products, it can be a whole lot to take in. We threw up this convenient overview to help you choose the excellent guitar pick.

A guitar pick can truly be made out of anything. Yet several of the most common products are:

When most people think about a guitar pick, this is what they envision. That’s since these are the most typical kinds of picks out there. Celluloid picks have a bright, crisp assault but they aren’t very sturdy. They also have a tendency to have a “flappy” audio to them from them being so versatile. Whether that’s a good thing or not is completely as much as you.

Some gamers like Gene Simmons and Jimmy Page advocate nylon choices. These have an intense sound and often tend to be quite versatile. A lot of them include structures on them too to aid enhance the hold, which is just what you’ll require when you’re hands obtain sweaty from doing too many Pete Townshend-style windmills.

Your Stringjoy, Tortex, as well as Delrin picks are constructed out of this very long lasting plastic. Business started making choose of these products once it became illegal to make tortoise shell selects in 1973. These are mosting likely to be extra tight than the nylon chooses, yet much less rigid that ultem choices. These are a fantastic selection if you’re just beginning as well as are searching for something thats resilient yet likewise has a solid assault.

Choices made from this, like the Dunlop Ultex selects, are very tight regardless of the thickness and also they create an intense tone. While guitar players utilize these, they have come to be popular among mandolin players.

These have actually been around considering that the 80s and also are a difficult, light, and also can be built to practically any kind of density. Plus they’re typically clear, so they look very rad.
Guitar Pick Density

The thickness of your pick will certainly play the greatest part in exactly how intense or just how cozy your guitar sounds. Just like whatever, the various alternatives for guitar pick thickness each have their own advantages and disadvantages.

Your thin choices are typically most likely to range anywhere from.40 to.60 mm. These will have a lighter audio, normally, and work best for fragile having fun. Slim choices, specifically ones constructed from celluloid, will generate that “flappy” sound that I was discussing previously. They are excellent for acoustic strumming as well as various other times where you want that brilliant as well as defined rhythm tone that you hear in numerous rock as well as country cds.

Thin choices aren’t going to be good for lead having fun because they do not have that well-shaped tone needed for single-note leads. These are most likely to be as well intense for lead having fun considering that they don’t offer much of a low-end. You likewise tend to have a loss of control due to the extreme versatility of thin picks.


Tool Picks are most likely to range in thickness from.60 to.80 mm. Medium density choices are one of the most preferred option amongst guitarists. While they may not supply that exact same glimmer on acoustic strumming that slim choices do, average choices still have sufficient flexibility forever rhythm having fun while still preserving the stiffness needed for those leads. They have a great high-end and mid-range to them without having the boominess of heavier choices. Beginners have a tendency to start below due to the fact that its a wonderful happy medium.


Picks that are.80– 1.2 mm are taken into consideration heavy. These are going to supply you with one of the most control when it involves your having fun. Hefty picks will certainly aid to clean up your playing, offer much less pick noise, as well as aid your solos to become much more vibrant. Lengthy story short, If you’re usually playing lead guitar, this is the density of pick you’ll wish to play.

Guitar Pick Structures

It’s really comes down to your personal choice when using a textured guitar pick from Own Guitar Picks. I have a tendency to such as having the additional grippiness (I think that’s a word?) that includes making use of a textured pick, but I know lots of guitar players who just want a wonderful, even surface area to hold on to and also would rather use their teeth than play with a textured pick. When it pertains to nylon picks, however, these are generally most likely to include a distinctive surface since nylon tends to be quite slippery as well as nobody desires their choice flying out into the target market mid-solo. Depend on us on that one.

Some players, like The Edge, have actually been recognized to make use of textured choices, yet flip them around to ensure that the distinctive side is in fact helping to pluck the strings. He’s utilized this method a great deal in this career, since I understood you were questioning exactly how he got that added crispiness on “Where the Streets Have No Names”.

One of the most essential point to keep in mind when selecting the excellent choice for you is to keep experimenting till you discover something you like. There are no right or wrong answers! Learn what works best for you, and also purchase a watercraft load of ’em, since most of us know that guitar picks go away means less complicated than they should.

If you’re seeking to attempt something brand-new, or stockpile on an old favorite, head over to our store and also we’ll obtain you all set up.