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The Best Punk Rock Bands of All Time

2 weeks ago, we asked our readers to choose their preferred prog rock bands. We figured it was only rational to flip it around this week and inquire about their favorite punk rock bands. What we didn’t rely on were fan site Green Day Authority and the band’s official site both publishing the link and asking fans to elect Green Day– which provided the group a considerable boost in the final tally.

Washington, D.C. legends Bad Brains started as jazz-fusion group in 1975, however two years later punk hit and they altered their sound. They were one of the couple of African-American groups on the CBGB scene, but within a brief time their sound evolved a lot more, and they accepted everything from soul to reggae to heavy metal. They are among the great 1970s punk bands that continue to tour with their initial line-up, and today they are working on their ninth studio album.

Influenced by the very first generation of punk rock bands, Mike Ness formed Social Distortion in 1978. The death of guitarist Dennis Danell in 2000 left Ness as the sole remaining initial member, however the band continues to tape and explore on a routine basis.

They took their name from a Marilyn Monroe motion picture, however it was scary films and aggressive hard rock that inspired Glenn Danzig to form the Misfits in 1977. They seemed designed to shock moms and dads, with lyrics about brutal murder and tunes dipped into speeds that would probably have stunned even the Ramones. The group was so stunning that no record company consented to launch their very first 2 albums, and they didn’t handle to get an LP in stores up until 1982’s Walk Among United States. By that point, Danzig already had his eyes on a solo profession and the band broke up the following year. Within a few years, bands like Metallica and Weapons N’ Roses began mentioning them as an influence and the legends of the Misfits grew. A Danzig-free line-up of the band struck the road in 1995 and have been visiting since.

The group really began in 1976 with frontman Keith Morris, however he quit just 3 years later on and after flailing around for a bit with inadequate singers they hired Rollins, who was a 20-year-old fan of the band. The group’s wild gigs– often held at house parties or other non-traditional venues– became legendary around this time period and they influenced many brand-new bands to form.

Few bands have a much better reunion story than the Stooges. When the proto-punk icons separated in 1974, really people even saw. Despite a releasing 3 albums on a major label, the group never had anything resembling a hit, and drug dependency had actually been gradually crippling the Iggy Pop-led band for years.In the years that followed, their legend slowly grew as groups ranging from the Sex Handguns to Weapons N’ Roses cited them as major influences. When they reformed in 2003 they were all of a sudden headlining festivals and making genuine money. Establishing guitarist Ron Asheton passed away in 2009, but Iggy Pop brought back Raw Power-era guitar player James Williamson and they continue to visit regularly. Last summer they carried out Raw Power straight through at select dates all over the world.

With songs like “Too Drunk To Fuck,” “Holiday In Cambodia” and “Nazi Punks Fuck Off” (not to discuss their name was the Dead Kennedys), lots of members of the square community presumed they were a bunch of violent, anarchist freaks. They broke up in 1986, and frontman Jello Biafra went on to end up being a really singing member of the Green Celebration and a spoken word artist. The rest of the band reformed without him in 2001.

They just made one proper LP tape during their brief career– 1977’s Never ever Mind the Bollocks Here’s the Sex Handguns– but it had an incredible impact. Replacement bassist Sid Vicious died in 1979, but they brought back initial bassist Glen Matlock when they reformed and they still visit every couple of years. Inspect out this clip of “Bodies” from a couple of years ago to get a sense of how effective they remain as a live act.

In lots of methods, the Ramones appear like a cursed band. When they broke up in 1996 few people appeared to care– though within a few years their legend had begun to grow. Their music lastly began to appear in motion pictures and TV shows, and they got into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame and were awarded Lifetime Accomplishment Awards at the Grammys.

The Beatles are the just other band with such a claim. The Clash began as a traditional punk band with their debut single “White Riot,” however they quickly accepted whatever from rockabilly to reggae to hip-hop. The band never reunited, however they were in heavy conversation about reuniting at their Rock and Roll Hall of Fame induction event when Joe Strummer suddenly passed away.

Even the members of Green Day would most likely object to being ranked greater than the Ramones and the Clash on this list, but the Web has actually spoken and we have to honor that. They were reduced to opening for Blink-182 in the summer season of 2002, and it was difficult to envision them making a resurgence– let alone ending up being one of the greatest bands on the planet. The dazzling 2004 rock opera permanently changed their profession, and suddenly they were playing arenas and scoring more radio hits than any band on the planet.