Gravel Or Limestone: Which One is Better?

For many building and construction tasks, aggregates are used as an essential building product. Often made use of as a sub-base product, in addition to a primary product for some paving as well as driveway constructions, it is essential to select the appropriate accumulation for your requirements. Limestone as well as gravel are two of one of the most preferred alternatives, but what are the benefits of limestone? As well as what are the advantages of crushed rock? That’s what we’re checking out in this post.
Why utilize aggregates?

Probably one of the most prominent use for aggregates is for the construction of footpaths as well as driveways. Both crushed rock and sedimentary rock are excellent choices to level rock or piece paving, as well as they additionally have a couple of other benefits as well. These consist of:

Much easier to install
Permit groundwater to travel through– normally do not call for drainage channels
Special visual structure
Less expensive than other paving alternatives

With aggregates, you can quickly install a highly useful driveway that includes fascinating visual style to your residential property. This can be done affordably as well as rapidly, generating a rewarding finished product without any difficulty.

Crushed rock is a versatile material, and also includes various varieties. Stones are generally much more rounded as well as much smoother than limestone, so frequently create a softer coating for driveways and paths.

Used as an usual building and construction material for street appearing, decorative paving and even more, crushed rock is comprised of a collection of different rock types. This commonly implies that gravel mixes are readily available in a variety of colours, that makes it even more appealing for house owners wanting to boost the visual appeals of their residential property’s exterior.

In everyday application, crushed rock is maybe a ‘looser’ selection than sedimentary rock. Crushed rock driveways, for example, will become displaced and scattered much more quickly than limestone driveways, and also might require to be adhered if you intend to keep a completely tidy, constant display screen.


The most apparent differences between gravel as well as limestone are those seen in dimension, form and texture. Cheap aggregates are generally much more jagged, bulkier as well as sharper than crushed rock. There are additionally more distinctions between private stones– less harmony– than you would certainly find in decorative gravel mixes.

In spite of the a lot more rugged look and feel of sedimentary rock, it still provides an extremely appealing finish. However why pick sedimentary rock over crushed rock? The major reason is longevity as well as efficiency. For high traffic or hefty usage locations, sedimentary rock is beneficial due to the fact that it will not be displaced as easily. It’s even more hard wearing. That’s why it’s typically used to pave industrial zones such as railway tracks.

In a domestic setting, bigger driveways housing many automobiles– or much heavier cars generally– sedimentary rock is often the optimum product. You have much less flexibility with sheer visual design, but the efficiency advantages are typically worth the compromise.