Plumber vs Heating Engineer vs Gas Engineer

So what lags the complication?

Fairly basically in the UK (UK) a Plumber, a Home Heating Designer or a Gas Designer have actually constantly been different professions. On the surface from a common individual’s perspective, they appear to be one of the exact same. Nonetheless, the distinctions are typically separated by the sort of work each particular trade undertakes and is licensed to do. The complication right here depends on the information as there can frequently be a little or big overlaps between the professions, for some types of the work a Plumbing professional, Home Heating Designer or Gas Designer will take on.

Below you will locate I have separated descriptions of these professions out in an effort to offer you a much easier understanding.

I will certainly include at the time of creating this post that a growing number of Plumbers, Heating Engineers and also Gas Engineers are up-skilling to end up being multi-trades. In it’s most basic kind multi-trade implies a trade have embarked on additionally pertinent training and evaluations to have the required understanding, experience, capability as well as licencing to execute in their further preferred areas of proficiency. Consequently it is constantly worth asking along with examining that the pertinent tradesperson or tradeswoman you desire to deal with is experienced and also licensed, to perform your needed requirements and also instructions.

Still with me thus far? Let us currently proceed together at looking at these trades separately.



I will certainly begin here due to the fact that it is maybe the less confusing out of all the trades with the clearest separation. One of the most rational difference in between a gas designer as well as a plumbing professional or home heating designer is that in order to be a Gas Engineer Bridgwater you require to be certified and also certified yearly. This is presently accomplished with an organisation called Gas Safe that runs a licensed register for gas risk-free designers in the UK. The Gas Safe register used to be run by CORGI however this transformed a number of years ago. If I might please ask everyone as a factor of security to Click here as well as check the register, for your assigned gas engineer. This makes certain he/she holds an existing and legitimate license. On a daily basis I personally reviewed unlawful work executed in the UK by non-licensed people which frequently affects buildings as well as regretfully sometimes it takes lives.

Most gas engineers are separated into different locations of specialist job they undertake, gone over additionally listed below. It is always best to verify your requirements as well as your designer’s qualifications. The main factor gas engineers separate right into various locations of work is mainly as a result of their beginning point in the industry. Gas engineers sometimes have no previous experience working in the gas market or either plumbing and also home heating. They are called for to undergo many months if not years of training prior to coming to be certified, accredited as well as certified in the UK. A lot of gas engineers have worked in the pipes and also home heating industry for several years and also are either crossing over to the Gas sector or including further to their capability “multi-trade”. You may discover your tradesperson or tradeswomen is already a gas designer along with a plumbing technician as well as home heating designer which year on year is becoming a lot more common.

Below I will certainly discuss a lot of gas engineers, as that is where a few of the complication lies and it is what most people will certainly stumble upon. Having gotten a Gas Safe License to work with Gas each permit allows a gas risk-free designer to function just on particular parts on a gas installation that a designer is certified to work with.

I shall attempt an effort to bring everything you have actually reviewed as well as learnt above so far right into a single instance:

Visualize you wake up in the early morning to discover your residence is freezing cold and you have no warm water. You check out the boiler say you have a Vaillant mix boiler as an example. The central heating boiler is blinking red with an error message of F61 being presented. Do you call a plumbing? A home heating engineer or a gas engineer?

Well done! Now, remember when you call a Gas Safe signed up engineer, ensure they carry out repair work. The majority of will certainly but some gas engineers just mount brand-new central heating boilers and heater as well as do not service gas boilers at all or repair them. Whilst some just carry out yearly servicing work. It is an entire various capability called for from either setup of boilers, servicing central heating boiler to fixing gas-fired central heating boilers.

One fast additional indicate make below as I directly get this concern quite a bit:

” My boiler is not working and it needs a solution”. These are two separate solutions a client is requesting. A central heating boiler service is not a repair and also the other way around. As I always explain to my customers that it should be fixed first. Often clients require a boiler service and also a repair work, however, for one of the most component, they assume a boiler solution will certainly get their central heating boiler functioning once again. Sadly the majority of the time the central heating boiler has broken down via lack of servicing as well as currently needs to be fixed first.

Prior to I move onto the following trade of a plumber. Please take care of your central heating boiler’s, share a little love to the little white box on your wall surface. It truly is the heart of every residence. Not servicing and/or maintaining your central heating boiler is a false economic climate and also will certainly constantly hit you where it hurts at one of the most troublesome time costing you unnecessary wasted time in addition to money.


Plumbing technicians in the UK have a much closer partnership with home heating designers as talked about better below. Partly, it is extra natural for a plumbing professional to proceed their training and also researching onto coming to be a home heating designer. This is after they have effectively passed all the requirements of plumbing. From memory, it utilized to be divided right into 3 different National Vocational Qualifications (NVQ’s) levels 1-3 over 3/4 years with work positioning. Degree 1 was plumbing, level 2 was pipes and advanced pipes and also degree 3 was heating up with electric. Nevertheless, this has likely all changed currently but my factor I am making has not.

Plumbers and also heating engineers are still different professions as it is not compulsory to do both trades. A plumbing can equally be successful sticking to plumbing only. My advice as above constantly contact your relevant tradesman or tradeswoman with your needs. Please do keep in mind that a plumbing or home heating engineer in the UK does not call for any kind of license. I directly do believe this must transform, yet at the time of writing this blog site in 2019, it is still not a demand.

Sorts of work a plumbing professional will certainly carry out:

Pipework (Water Supply Only).
Leaks in pipelines (Water system Just).
Water drainage systems in an exterior of home.
Shower room installations (WC, Bath/Shower Basin Sanitaryware etc).
Devices connections and also disconnections (Water and Water Drainage Just).
Garbage disposal systems.
Commissioning (Water as well as Water Drainage Just).
Testing and faultfinding (Water as well as Drainage Only).
Water Storage tanks and also cylinders.
Inspection and/or records.
Fixings or replacement job to any of the above.


As briefly laid out above a heating designer is a natural development of being a plumber. Heating designers frequently hold a level 3 NVQ or equivalent, which is the next step up from a plumber. Please do keep in mind that although a heating engineer might be a plumber, which is often holds true. They are in no chance licensed, certified or proficient to take on any type of service gas and also are legally not allowed to do so. As currently stated over always check and request a certificate.

Heating designers often function alongside gas designers carrying out as much work as possible on a furnace that does not require working with gas. Although it has to be claimed in 2019 it is becoming a whole lot tougher to discover a heating designer that is not gas secure accredited. Nonetheless constantly perform the required checks outlined over to ensure you as well as your household’s safety and security when assigning any kind of plumber, heating engineer or gas engineer.

Home heating designers usually deal with warm water storage space cyndrical tubes and also their controls as shown in the picture to the left or over dependant on the sort of tool you are making use of. Some people may refer to these systems as electrical boilers which is properly what they are. Some hot water storage cyndrical tubes are open vented and gravity feed by a cold water tank (CWS), in either the loft area or directly above the cyndrical tube. It must be noted, however, that some hot water storage cyndrical tubes are unvented. The unvented sort of cylinders just to clarify require all designers no matter if you are a plumber in the UK or a heating designer or gas engineer to have present up to day qualification to work with them doing maintenance, repair services or setup of them. The unvented cyndrical tube works off of mains pressure so they are required by building guidelines to be installed and kept correctly Once more constantly talk to your designated designer for your comfort that they are (1) competent (2) certified and (3) hold the appropriate licence for your demands.

Sorts of work a heating engineer will embark on:

All job detailed above in the plumbing professionals’ area along with;
Helping a Gas Designer with day to day activities.
Setup of Furnace consisting of central heating boilers (except gas work and commissioning).
Fault Finding as well as repair work on furnace, eg hot water storage space cylinders/electric boilers. *( omitting gas fired central heating boilers) see Gas Designers above.
Chemical treatment and cleaning of furnace.
Powerflushing as well as cleaning of heating unit.
Controls and also electrical wiring.
Evaluations and also records.