Printed Magnetic Flooring

Quick-Change magnetic floor covering is created with only one concept in mind; rate as well as ease.

It is as simple as rolling out the padding, laying the tiles as well as standing back to see the result. The magnetic floor can be published with any layout and also is best for usage on exhibitions, display rooms, workplaces– anywhere actually.

The major benefits of a magnetic flooring over any normal type of floor are:

Customisable: If you can envision it, we can publish it.
Quick: Our magnetic floor covering is incredibly fast to lay, possibly among the fastest laying floors readily available.
Anyone: Because of its simpleness, anyone can lay this flooring, no experts needed– just common sense.

In addition to the above benefits, if you intend to change the flooring, merely detach the floor tiles and lay your brand-new ones atop the rug.

Magnetic floor covering systems are versatile as well as fast to set up. You don’t need any type of adhesive, and there’s no unpleasant clicking together, merely lay the tiles in addition to the sub-floor.

The system is comprised of 2 parts: a steel aluminum foil subfloor and the magnetic pvc flooring ceramic tiles/ strips. Once laid, the pvc will certainly grip to the foil, creating a virtually jointless flooring.

The magnetic floor covering is suitable for all locations where fast setup or routine modifications are needed. It can be laid on existing tough floor covering and also can be strolled on instantly.

It’s hardwearing, making it excellent for high website traffic application– as resorts, airports, exhibit stands, stores, health and fitness centres, offices, shopping centres, medical facilities as well as clinical studios– in addition to household uses.

The big range suggests that you can revitalize your flooring promptly and on a regular basis, picking from a range of wonderful styles.


Suitable for commercial/ high traffic applications
Quick as well as straightforward installation, without using any type of glue
Detachable as well as multiple-use
Easy replacement of harmed tiles/planks
No problems to the subfloor throughout installment and upon elimination
Access to subfloor for inspection
Can be installed over existing flooring
Can be installed on metal surface areas
Can be walked on promptly after installation
Set up density 3.5 mm
Reduced installation expenses
Excellent shock/acoustic absorption
Anti-slip surface area
Ideal for humid atmospheres
Simple cleaning and upkeep
Long lasting
Private designs possible (e.g. company colours).