Essential Supplies and Equipment You Need to Start a Screen Printing Business

Starting a screen printing business can appear frustrating, however preparing for the fundamentals can make it much easier.

While it’s real that a screen printing production flooring can appear hectic and crowded with equipment, there are really just a couple of pieces you’ll need– from pre-press to printing to post-press– to start producing screen printed products.
Pre-Press Devices

In screen printing, there’s rather a bit to do prior to your products get to journalism. The pre-press process includes preparing the art work and screens you will use to lay down your screen prints. Pre-press necessities consist of:

A computer with style software to create graphics.
Printer and film. To make stencils on your screens, you will print the graphics you have actually produced onto clear film. You need a printer that will put down a non-transparent black ink that will absolutely shut out UV light when you expose your screens.
Screens. Of course, you’ll require screens for your screen printing store! There are a lot of screens choices offered, however you’ll desire to stock a small supply of the most commonly used screens as you get started.
Emulsion. Screens are covered with a special emulsion that solidifies when exposed to UV light to produce a stencil.
Drying racks, whether you acquire screen drying racks or build your own, you will require a location to lay screens horizontally while the emulsion dries.
Exposure system. Emulsion-coated screens are positioned in an unique exposure unit that supplies the UV required to treat the stencils.
Washout station and water source. A washout station offers you a place to rinse the stenciled area out of the screen after exposure and to reclaim screens after press runs. You can use either a regular garden hose or a pressure washer as a water source in your washout station.

Screen Printing Devices

For laying down prints, there are a few pieces of screen printing equipment you’ll require, including:

Of course, the press is the heart of every print shop. While presses come in lots of setups, it’s wise to begin with a six-color press, which will permit you to print almost any job.
As you begin, you can purchase a fundamental ink mixing pack, along with some regular colors– such as black, white and regional school colors– that you know you’ll use frequently. You also will desire plastic containers and ink scoops to assist you manage your ink.
Squeegees. Squeegees are used to pull ink throughout the screen and put down the print. Like screens, there are various kinds of squeegees, and you will wish to equip a few basics to see you through your normal print tasks.
Substrates. You will need whatever object you’re going to be laying your prints down on, whether it’s Tee shirts, sweatshirts, lug bags or banners.
Flash treatment system. Not all shops start with a flash remedy system, but it is a valued piece of equipment on the majority of screen-printing floorings. A flash treatment system enables you to partially treat or “gel” your inks so you can print white underbases or overlapping colors.

Post-Press Devices

Post-press, there’s one required piece of devices: The conveyor dryer. Conveyor clothes dryers heat your ink to the curing temperature so that your prints will last. You likewise will want to acquire some sort of heat sensing unit, whether it’s a heat weapon or heat tape, to check that your ink has reached the correct treating temperature level as it comes out of the dryer. From there, you will need bags and boxes to get your finished garments packaged up for your consumers.

While investigating screen printing kit can leave you seeming like you have actually taken a trip down a rabbit hole, there’s relatively little you need to begin your own screen printing service. With a couple of quality essentials, you will be producing your own screen printed garments in no time.