Using Shrink Tunnels

We have a variety of shrink tunnels to accommodate any type of rate, any product and any kind of product for a large variety of packaging applications. Extreme settings such as milks additionally be suited for. Whatever your demands, we can supply the suitable model of shrink tunnel to satisfy them.

Key Functions

Accurate temperature level control guaranteeing absolutely consistent end pack discussion.
Variable rate control offering complete control of production rates.
Energetic turning conveyor guaranteeing perfect under pack shrinking.
Flexible air circulation system assisting to achieve the very best feasible discussion.
Double shielded drapes enhancing uniformity and reducing running prices.
Solid state relay temperature level controllers for improved integrity and precision.

Premium quality, regular results … Shrink tunnels normally finish a shrink wraping line and also are put after the securing unit. Their function is to securely shrink the film that has actually been created around the products in either bags, sleeve or tube styles (relying on the kind of wrapper being used) to the product as it takes a trip with the device. This is accomplished with the heat left out by the passage reacting with the movie to make it shrink down. Due to making use of warm, these makers are often described as shrink ‘stoves’. Diminish tunnels can likewise be provided individually for a bagging operation.

When utilizing screen polyolefin shrink films, one of the most suitable shrink tunnel conveyor is a roller conveyor system. This permits maximum airflow to the underside of the packs which provides excellent quality, regular results. With this system, the rollers additionally revolve in order to transfer the product along the conveyor. This indicates that the pack really travels faster than the conveyor itself, ensuring that no single part of the underside of the pack is ever before in continuous contact with the belt, as well as for that reason no markings are left on the underside. This is essential for many present reduce wraping applications where aesthetic appearances are vital and also provides a clear advantage over more affordable, mesh belt systems.

When polythene shrink film is being used, we can additionally provide polythene specification shrink passages. These versions use a durable steel mesh belt which provides pack security, combined with under belt and after pack colders. Our upgraded steel-mesh belts are preferable to passage belts that are driven by friction due to the fact that they will certainly never stretch or need replacing– also after years of production.

The rate of the shrink tunnel conveyor varies on all of our versions as well as can be accurately managed. This enables you to establish the rate to fulfill the specific production price required, resulting in optimum pack presentation.