Driving a campervan for the first time

If you have never ever driven a recreational vehicle or maybe anything bigger than an automobile, it is normal to become a little apprehensive at the various feel and size of a campervan. Stick to these strategies for secure and comfy first-time campervan driving:

Allow yourself lots of time for getting to the very first destination of yours. Road trip life is slower paced anyway, and also you will benefit from the journey a great deal more in case you are not rushing from campsite to campsite. Allow frequent breaks too: driving a larger vehicle as a beginner is much more tiring than you realise

Take the campervan out there for a test drive prior to setting off – the owner might be pleased to come together with you and also provide you with tips

Be ready to change route if required (for instance, if a specific town on the manner in which comes with an event or maybe festival happening as well as the street is hectic, you might opt to have an alternative route)

Campervans are not as large as motorhomes, though they still have to have a greater stopping distance

Reverse right into a parking area if you stop at a service station or maybe additional break point – this can allow it to be simpler to create off again

Some other Budget Campervan Hire driving factors to think about Check you’ve the appropriate driving licence for a campervan. In the UK, campervans fall under Category C1 (medium sized vehicles)
; whether you are able to acquire a campervan under that category subsequently depends upon the age of yours and if you passed your driving test.

In case you passed before one January 1997 and are under seventy, you are able to get a car as high as 7,5000kg under the C1 class.
In case you passed the evaluation of yours on or even after one January 1997, are more than seventy or even have not renewed your licence’s C1 category, your campervan driving eligibility will come under your licence’s Category B. This allows for vehicles up to 3,500kg, therefore must have all campervans.

Remember too the speed limit in the UK varies based on car. Motorhomes and also motor caravans (i.e., campervans) of as much as 3.05 tonnes unladen excess weight is able to get up to:

30mph in built up areas
60mph on single carriageways
70mph on two carriageways
70mph on motorways