How To Apply For A Canadian Passport

I’ll often be considered a Canadian citizen. Though I have been a permanent resident of the Country for the previous ten years.

My husband is American, and our infant came into this world in the United States – making the child of mine a dual citizen.

My boy is a Canadian citizen by descent – since I was created in Canada. The brand new law limits citizenship by descent to one generation born outside Canada. This means the kids of his won’t become Canadian citizens automatically in case they’re created outside of Canada.

Because the birth of his, I have been focusing on applying & collecting my son’s documents for his dual citizenship. Applying for his U.S. passport was fairly simple.

Here is what it really was like requesting a U.S. Kid Passport.

But when it concerned his Canadian passport, the very first try of mine at his program was denied – since I was lacking info: evidence of his Canadian citizenship. Apparently, the Canadian birth certificate of mine and Canadian passport weren’t eligible means to confirm his automatic citizenship. I’d to offer a real Canadian Citizenship Certificate for my kid instead.

I am a Canadian, though I’d never truly found a Citizenship Certificate before. So I put on for his Canadian Citizenship Certificate – that took around five weeks to approach as well as have.

Here is what the procedure of requesting a Canadian Citizenship Certificate was like for us.

Passport Canada placed the software program file open – so long as I communicated with them once every thirty many days to provide them a status update on the citizenship status of his. When I received the certificate of his, I then can at last finish his Canadian passport application.

Thus , now, the next thing is applying for a baby Canadian passport.

Here’s how you can put on for a Canadian passport for a kid while living in the USA: #1 – Complete the Kid General Canadian Passport Application Form for kids under age sixteen.

The Canadian Passport Application Form is an editable pdf – so it is not hard to finish the type on the computer of yours after which print. (Or maybe you are able to print it out there and seal it in by hand, in case you wish.)

Be sure to have each and every authorized guardian or parent sign the application form and most of its pages.

TIP: Passport Canada may contact the various other parent/legal guardian – and so ensure the contact information is right.

2 – Have your kid’s passport picture taken.

Canadian passport photo standards will vary than the U.S. demands.

I tried out a minimum of a dozen times at different locations (such as Walmart, CVS, & Walgreens) to find a good photo that would not be rejected.

The very first picture of ours was rejected because of little shadow behind the ear – seen here:

A rejected photo causes delays in the application program – not to say courier costs to post files forth and back.

TIP: Make time to buy the picture as near ideal as you can to stay away from delays with the application and also to stay away from being forced to return to the picture stores repeatedly to try out find a much better shot!

After a dozen failed attempts (due to several factors: poor lighting, etc), uncooperative baby, shadows, I ended up taking my child’s passport picture myself before a Walgreens passport photo screen after asking the permission of theirs.

I had taken the picture with my iPhone camera while my friend taken the son of mine on the shoulders of his as well as a different buddy attempted for getting my child to check out the digital camera.

Walgreens has preloaded size formats per every country’s passport picture requirements. With the assistance of the picture connect, we downloaded the image off the cell phone of mine into the template and after that printed out two identical canadian passport photos.

Do not forget to request the shop stamp with all the title & address of the shop – because the shop information and date the pictures had been taken have to be developed on the backside of only one of the photos. (I also provided the receipt of mine to help the handwritten info.)

Among the pictures has to be signed by the guarantor of yours, also. Your guarantor must obviously write: “I certify this to become a genuine likeness of [applicant’s name]” after which sign their surname and name on the rear on the passport photo.

Check the complete listing of Canadian passport photo requirements.

3 – Find a guarantor that has recognized you (the parent or maybe authorized guardian) personally for a minimum of two years and they have awareness of the kid.

Not merely will your guarantor sign the passport photo, though they’ll also have to sign your child’s Canadian Passport Application Form.

NOTE: Your guarantor should offer a street address or maybe area place over the program – because a P.O. package isn’t a suitable address.

4 – Gather the files to help your child’s Canadian Passport Application Form.

You’ll additionally require evidence of your kid’s Canadian citizenship – that could be a long form Canadian birth certificate or maybe Canadian Citizenship Certificate. (You should send out the first document.)

5 – Submit the application of yours by mail as well as pay the hundred dolars CDN fee.

There’s an area to create the credit card info of yours over the application form. Or maybe you are able to shell out by certified check or maybe some money order payable on the “Receiver General of Canada”.

You’ll want to use an authorized courier or maybe traceable mail service – to help you protect the original documents of yours.