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Thai Metro's chefs prepare creative and innovative dishes to create the ultimate collection and delivery experience. There are plenty of specials available for delivery or collection that will satisfy your hunger. Don’t hesitate, order an online takeaway right now!

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Favourite Dishes


minced prawn and chicken dumplings served with soy sauce


filled with vegetables and vermicelli, served with sweet chilli sauce


spicy curry made with coconut milk, thai herbs and aubergines


flat rice noodles with egg, crushed peanuts and bean sprouts


flat rice noodles with egg, crushed peanuts and bean sprouts


flat rice noodles with egg, crushed peanuts and bean sprouts

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  • Really quite terrible. Don't know what went wrong as we'd ordered at least half a dozen times from here before and had no issues. Last nights order for two curry's however left me baffled and confused. Both the Jungle curry and Green curry had the consistency of tap water. At first i thought they'd made a mistake and given me the soup. They were both similar to a Tom Yong soup in appearance. I just don't know how it could even been sent out of the kitchen like it - even the person putting the cling film around the plastic container must have realised something was seriously wrong. I made an attempt to eat / drink it, made it half way and then gave up on picking prawns and a smattering of vegetables out of a spicy water-broth. In the end had to go to the supermarket for a ready meal. Feel cheated to have paid money for this, and barring an explanation and apology from the restaurant about this incident, won't be taking the risk of ordering from there in the future.


  • one of the best thai restauraunt ☆☆☆☆☆☆


  • once again really great tasting food good flavour thanks!!!


  • Not good at all


  • once again really great tasting food and amazing flavour. 5 ☆☆☆☆☆ and super quick delivery thanks


  • The mains were pretty good, unfortunately the starters were a joke. About £6 for 4 pieces of wings, which were incredibly small, and mostly bone. Second time we ordered from here, and will order again, but only the mains.


  • really nice food great taste good flavour thanks


  • I ordered chicken satay, vegetable panang curry and steamed rice. Chicken satay looked like it's been in freezer well over passed sell by date and undercooked. Panang curry was just coloured, flavoured water with loads of veg. Absolutely awful and I demand a full refund. I took one bite and been sick all night! They should be shut down immediately!


  • Good food except for the chicken wings. Measly 4pcs of drummets.


  • great food but not all order delivered. be careful if using them.


  • Tom Kha soup was just water with few small mushrooms, coconut rice had burnt sesame seeds, 4x small chicken wings and 3x spring rolls were disappointing. I won't order again


  • Small portions for the price, some of the food was really tasty some of it bland. The worst part was the false advertising for the wine. I was expecting a 2010 red wine but got a 2015


  • Food came 2 hours after ordering


  • I've been ordering from Thai Metro for a long time and they've always been very good but today my Chicken with Cashew Nuts had no cashew nuts whatsoever. If a dish not available


  • Appalling service. After waiting 45mins Thai Metro told me to wait another half an hour more. Eventually i get my delivery 1h 40mins late. It is definitely not hot.. looks by the driver words it was sitting there getting cold waiting for someone to deliver my food. After all that they expect me to pay the full payment for my nice cold food esp my nice luke warm soup. Before I get the chance to speak to anyone in the restaurant they say to collect back the order. Really weirdest takeaway service ever. No cooperation what so ever. Would pay and tip if I got hot firstly and not have to go through bad customer service. 😡