4 Reasons Why You May Need a New Fuse Box

Many individuals understand exactly where their fuse box (or maybe consumer unit) is in the home of theirs. It’s normally found near the property entrance of theirs. A fuse box controls all the electric circuits in the home of yours and is the location you should go turning off the electrical supply of yours in an urgent situation.

One) For electric safety. Many electricians are going to tell you that getting a RCD is crucial and isn’t often contained in older fuse boxes. It’s a possible life saver as it is able to detect little leakage currents in the number 5 30 mA allowing it to disconnect in under 300ms which might stop injury and electrocution. If the fuse box of yours is in excess of twenty five years of age it might not have a RCD.

2) If the lights of yours are flickering or maybe the sockets of yours are unresponsive, this may be an indication that the fuse box of yours is deteriorating.

Three) If the fuse board has asbestos flash guards. Asbestos fibres are today known to be really damaging if breathed in. Asbestos was utilized on old fuse boards however, not on newer ones.

4) If the fuse board of yours is more than ten years of age the fuses might have deteriorated so it’s best to buy it checked by a skilled electrician.

The price is going to be between £300- £500 for a professional electrician to come and undertake brand new fuse board fitting. The electricians will even do electric testing to ensure things are secure. If the testing is completed, the end result will likely be captured on an electric Installation Certificate as well as the electrician will offer you a copy. This certificate confirms the job complies with the demands of BS 7671. It’s likewise a good idea to keep earth bonding and all electric circuits checked simultaneously – an electric Installation Condition Report may subsequently be given (EICR).