How Outdated Website is Hurting Business

A one-size-fits-all solution isn’t possible when it comes to web design. Somebody’s favourite style might be considered dated and unattractive by another. That’s why it’s crucial to stay current on web design trends, otherwise your site will start looking dated.

In recent studies, outdated web designs have been shown to drive customers away. Find out why customers might not be interested in your website.

Lacks credibility and authority

Trust is increasingly critical in business these days. A company should treat its customers well and help improve their lives in some way, which is what customers want from a company. Nevertheless, customers may begin to doubt your credibility when your website looks like it belongs in another decade.

Internet-savvy consumers feel insulted by this

Streamlined and clean web design is what defines modern web design. The reason is that today’s consumers are Internet-savvy, and they’re familiar with how sites look. Your website might make your customers uncomfortable if it looks like something that was created in 1998 (or earlier).

Rankings can be affected

When it comes to ranking websites in search results, Search Engines takes website design into account, so outdated websites tend to look less attractive to the all-powerful engine, which can significantly hurt your organic search position rankings.

In conclusion

Upgrade your outdated web design if you are still using it. Outdated designs have been shown to lead to lower conversions, and you may be losing revenue as a result. Let us help by developing an updated website that will increase traffic and conversion rates. Contact Dion Digital team today!