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Choosing gifts and merchandise for fans of Pokémon

Pokemon celebrated its 25th Anniversary this year. There’s a huge selection of Pokemon paraphenelia, from popular trading cards to merchandise like Tshirts and plush dolls, to buy.
This year’s Christmas gift ideas for Pokemon card fans will be overwhelming, especially since so many new products are available in the weeks leading up to Christmas. You can gift everyone with the launch of the Pokemon Center UK, but you also have plenty of other Pokemon gift ideas.

We have compiled all the best deals available on Pokemon TCG merch to help you find the perfect Pokemon gift for Christmas.

Gifts from the Pokemon TCG

The most recent Pokemon card game set includes reprints classic cards making them the ideal gift choice for long-time Pokemon lovers. Image: The Pokemon Company

Although there are always new Pokemon Trading Card Game Sets, the one that is most popular right now are the Pokemon TCG 25th Anniversary sets.

True to its title, this set was created to commemorate the 25th Anniversary of Pokemon.

Apart from the Pokemon Celebrations sets you can also look at the Shining Fates and Champion’s Path extensions. You can also see the various (and often much less expensive) Sword and Shield extensions – the most recent being Fusion Strike.

Pokemon TCG Battle Academy

Battle Academy is the ideal place to begin learning the Pokemon card games. Image: The Pokemon Company

The Pokemon TCG Battle Academy kit is a great starting point in the world of Pokemon cards. It contains everything you need.

This book contains basic rules for playing the Pokemon card games and an advanced guide to make battles even more thrilling. There are also three 60-card Pokemon TCG Decks and a handy two-player board. A flip-coin is included to help you land critical hits, and damage counters track your Pokemon’s HP.

Pokemon TCG deck box boxes

Deck boxes protect Pokemon cards against damage while allowing Pokemon lovers to show their affection for the card game.

This officially licensed deck box protects your deck from getting bent or torn. You might also consider gifting one these Pokemon deck boxes. An extra deck box will always be appreciated by any serious card collector who is likely to build multiple decks.

We have linked several options made by Ultra Pro. These card holders are made with high quality leatherette and an embossed Pokemon symbol motif. They can store up 100 double-sleeved cards, and they have strong magnetic closures to ensure that your deck does not fall out.

If you don’t mind a late gift, the Ultra Pro Pokemon25th Anniversary deckbox would make a wonderful gift. It comes out on 31st December. This wooden box is handmade and features the 25th Celebration Pokemon logo laser-etched in black.

Card sleeves for the Pokemon TCG Card

Sleeves are essential if you intend to manage your Pokemon cards in a series of games or protect rarer cards.

These Ultra Pro transparent cards sleeves make great stocking stuffers for Pokemon card fans or other TCG collectors. They will protect your cards from being scratched or other damage during play.

Collectors love to double-sleeve rare or valuable Pokemon cards. Therefore, two packs of 100 sleeves are a reasonable amount. Ultra Pro also offers sleeves featuring Pokemon, such as Sword and Shield’s Scorbunny and Grookey.

Pokemon puzzles and board games

Pokemon-themed versions are available for classic board games like Labyrinth.

There was a huge selection of Pokemon board game options available in the late nineties, early 2000s. It’s hard to forget Pokemon Master Trainer. Although you might still be able to find it used on eBay from a trusted seller, prices are higher than PS60.

There are still a few Pokemon-themed boardgames on the market today such as Pokemon Monopoly or Pokemon Labyrinth.

Pokemon plush dolls

A plush is the closest Pokemon fan will ever get to owning a Pokemon in real life – making it the perfect gift for their favorite Pokemon.

These Pokemon Spielzeug are perfect for those who love cute collectibles. There are many sizes available for most of the popular Pokemon characters, including a fluffier version that is cuddlier and cuddlier.

Pokemon figurines and Pokemon collectibles

You’ll find hundreds of Pokemon in the series’ many regions, and generations. There’s plenty of figurines you can give to Pokemon fans.

In addition to the many Pokemon plushies, there are also plenty of collectibles and figurines for Pokemon. The Pokemon action figures are great for children to play with and recreate Pokemon battles. While the collectible figurines and statues make great gifts, they also make great gifts for serious Pokemon enthusiasts.

One word of warning: Make sure that you only buy from authorized retailers. Unlicensed merchandise is being sold by many companies, including on eBay.

Other accessories and gifts from Pokemon

Pokemon merchandise is diverse, with everything from the common to the unusual. You will never run out gift ideas for your fan of the game.

Looking for something a little different? There are many gifts available in the world of Pokemon. These include gold-plated Pokemon jewellery, upmarket collaborations and even a giant Gengar armchair.