Reasons for Using a Solid Shampoo

A lot of us used liquid shampoo packed in bottles that are clear plastic throughout the lives of ours as well as the simple notion that a shampoo is able to are present in a good state is able to seem absurd or even produce perplexity. Exactly how as? Solid?!? Indeed, it is true, they are available!

Looking again, the fluid shampoo industry is pretty recent, since bottled shampoo was just created in the conclusion of the twentieth century; prior to that individuals used… soap (which indeed, it’s solid!) to clean the hair of theirs.
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Shampoos in good shape were popular well before liquid shampoos started to be famous in the 1940s.

In recent years, moreover especially recently, the acceptance of solid shampoo has resurfaced, and also we are able to definitely say that these days it’s not just a fashion, but a trend inspired by numerous issues, whether it is for the reasons, sustainability, or perhaps driven by fiscal reasons.

Why don’t we check out our top seven reasons to favor vegan shampoo bars over its liquid counterpart


They keep going as much as 3x greater compared to a liquid shampoo bottle!

Have you actually spent a great deal of time squeezing that shampoo bottle to find out if you are able to get one very last drop of liquid from it you are able to clean the hair of yours with, after which you recognize the bundle rarely endures a month, and at very best, a few of weeks? They vanish in a blink of the eye, do not they?

Effectively, shampoo bars varies from the liquid counterpart of its in one vital respect – durability! A shampoo bar is able to keep going as much as 3x more than a conventional sized bottle of liquid as shampoo!

And also for an extremely simple reason: it’s a more focused formula when compared to a standard shampoo bottle, the latter being drastically diluted in water. Experiment with reading through the label of any liquid shampoo and find out what’s the very first component which shows up on the list. It is drinking water! And that explains exactly why we’ve to squeeze a lot of shampoo out of bottles to obtain a good wash.

With shampoo bars you will never ever have the issue of using a lot of shampoo, because with a single or maybe 2 swipes you find the result you would like – a lot of foam!!

This implies you simply have to utilize a small amount of the shampoo bar in every wash (passing it through the wet hair a couples of times is) that is enough plus it has a tendency to endure much longer compared to its liquid counterpart so long as, obviously, we ensure that it stays in a dried out place (it is all about maintenance and looking after our shampoo bar!).

Speaking of h2o, that leads us to the second good reason of ours for employing a shampoo bar!

Guess what!

Experiment with reading through the label of any liquid shampoo and find out what’s the very first component which shows up on the list. It is drinking water!


It is cheaper compared to a liquid shampoo!

The next reason it’s essentially a consequence of the very first. If the solid shampoo is much more focused and will last up to 3x longer compared to a liquid, that suggests you save money each time you buy a shampoo bar! But we need to see exactly why!

A common shampoo bottle available on the market has approximately seventy to eighty % water in the composition of its, and a few more, to that the companies add detergent and also some additives, perfumes or essences. What this means is that a lot of us are having to pay prices that are high for a bottle filled with water and just a tiny quantity of other products!

On the flip side, as sound shampoo has a really residual quantity of water which creates washing lather very easily, it is able to present you with sixty to eighty washes in complete. in case you clean the hair of yours each day, it is able to keep going on average 2 3 months, of course, if you clean less regularly, it is going to last a lot longer!

And would you remember exactly how you’ve to press the shampoo bottle getting something from it, and wind up with excess of on your hair or hand? Effectively, with a shampoo bar the threat of using an excessive amount and also wasting is significantly less, since you are able to quickly manage the quantity you make use of.

Though the price of a shampoo bar seems, in the beginning glance, being more than normal, the explanation why it is really a great buy is since it is going to last you longer! It’ll certainly help you save some trips and cash on the shop!
Are you aware?

A common shampoo bottle available on the market has aproximatelly 70 to eighty % water in the composition of its.


A far more earth friendly solution, which discusses the unnecessary use of plastic

This’s the 3rd reason of ours, but is among the most crucial! Because of the risk that disposable plastic poses to the ecosystem, and specifically to the preservation of oceans and marine life, the shampoo bar is just one of the brilliant remedies you are able to adopt into the daily life of yours, with no lots of trouble, and with good impact on the long term!

The shampoo bar obviously doesn’t require the standard plastic packaging, as it’s a concentrated shampoo, and may perfectly be packed in cardboard or paper, which is readily recyclable, or can possibly be sold in large quantities.

at the gym shampoo bar one two


The perfect option for the gym or even for going on holidays

You set the hands of yours in your travel or fitness center bag, and also think it is strangely damp, after which you instantly realize, with panic, most likely the damn shampoo bottle was not correctly closed and it spilled certain shampoo on your belongings and clothes. Is the fact that experience familiar to you?

And even worse, maybe, being held in the airport’s security area, as the shampoo bottle is simply too big and you are not permitted to get it along with you, and also you did not understand this right away, due to confusing restrictions on the transportation of liquids, moreover that numbers are allowed, which often differs from one place to another.

If all of these encounters are comfortable to you, then simply it is going to be simpler for you to recognize the limits of a liquid shampoo, and also just how it could be an item of frustration during the journeys of ours, if you should the fitness center or perhaps on vacations.

Fortunately, shampoo bars are precisely the most perfect option for travelling. With the compact size of its and concentrated formula, this stylish bar may be taken along with you anywhere in a package.

If you believe that the shampoo bar is simply too big, you are able to actually cut it into many pieces and carry along with you exactly what you need!

What is more often, you’ve the bonus of having the ability to stay away from all those little clear plastic bottles of detergent or shampoo they provide you in hotels, at expense that is great to the planet.


You are able to utilize it up to the really last bit!

If perhaps you have applied liquid shampoo before, you understand the stress of planning to press that ultimate little fluid within the container, or even being forced to dilute it in water to relish every last drop! Occasionally you will wind up squandering a great deal of shampoo without knowing it! Rather than wasting hours attempting to discover how you are likely to enjoy these remaining shampoos with a Houdini method, you’ve another solution!

The strong shampoo solves that issue, since you are able to utilize every ultimate small little bit of it, and also when it gets hard to get it, since it is currently tiny & slippery, you are able to just glue it to a brand new shampoo, and fuse it into a single, with no waste!
Here is some terrific tip!

In the event it gets hard to get it, since it is currently tiny & slippery, you are able to just glue it to a brand new shampoo, and fuse it into a single, with no waste!


You are able to utilize it in a flexible way, both as a shampoo or perhaps soap

Even though solid shampoos are developed for hair care, with a pH that’s sufficient to the head, they’re additionally a flexible answer, and in cases in which you just have a good shampoo along with you, like when you are on a journey, you are able to quickly utilize it as detergent for your deal with and body also, since it can make a great deal of lather, washes efficiently, doesn’t dry the skin of yours, and also does not have any dangerous impact on it. It is a very versatile and easy shampoo bar!

Speaking of travelling, you additionally do not often have to stress about carrying a lot of cosmetics in the bag of yours for a brief trip, you can just depend on the solid shampoo bar of yours!


Aside from saving cash, you additionally save space!

Occasionally the zipper of the makeup of yours or maybe travel bag becomes stuck and also you cannot even close it without creating a superhuman effort, due to all those irregularly shaped liquid bottles which just occupy a lot of room in the bags of yours!

Though because of the geometric and ergonomic design of the shampoo bars, that’s not an issue! You are able to get your focused shampoo anywhere, it fits well in a bit of box and in the container of yours, and also without learning a lot of room!

Furthermore, in case you are into minimalism, the bathroom of yours is going to look much neater and clean once you consider all those plastic bottles away, and also decide to enjoy a little solid shampoo bar instead.