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Why Choose Printed Workwear?

The advantages of screen printing workwear over other methods of decoration are numerous. That’s why it’s an extremely popular method to brand uniforms, clothing as well as hi-vis and workwear.

Below are the seven main advantages of using screen printing.

A Fresh Look for Your Logo

Screen printing is a fantastic method to create an overall look that is clear and smooth. If you apply it to your garments for work such as T-shirts, to hi-vis safety Clothing The result will look professional.

The logo is an element of the clothing that is strong and uncluttered.
Color Control for Your Brand

As opposed to other techniques similar to DTG (direct to clothing) as well as embroidery, screening printing provides the control of colour in a fine manner. The specially-formulated inks mix and match by our trained experts within the Ink Kitchen which allows for an exact colour match.

The colour pigments are closely monitored to ensure that they match your brand colors as closely as is possible.

Be aware that the colors displayed on a digital screen monitor might not exactly match to the printed screen in actuality due to the manner in which screens emit colored light. However, it is the closest match it is possible to get.

Screen printing is a highly specialized art and we’ve been producing printed workwear using this technique for a long time.

Professional printers will be able to manage and regulate the colors in accordance with the exact requirements you want once you’ve accepted the designs.

Sharp Details & Contrasts

Screen printing allows you to create clear contrast and sharp detail.

The richness of color created through this process means we can get the best possible contrast when using an apparel colour that is chosen to match your logo branding.

Please bear this in mind when choosing your Workwear/T-Shirts/Hoodies/etc and what colour branding you want to place on them. If you need advice or suggestions, please contact our team of experts.

Lightweight Enhancement to the Garment

Screen print doesn’t affect the fabric in terms of size or performance. It’s a method of using dyes and inks to incorporate your logo onto the fabric in the most disruptive way.

There will be no changes in the functionality of the clothing apart from appearance.

If this is important to your company – or for very active positions, screen printing can provide the kind of non-obstructive branding you want.

Flexible Use and Consistency of Design

There are no restrictions on the types of materials and the types of products you can print. With the capability to control the color perfectly against Pantones the branding on your workwear will look consistent with no inconsistencies.

Modern and Dynamic Appearance

If you’re looking for a vibrant and lively design in your logos, then screening printing could help you achieve this. The strong contrasts and sharp, exact details let you make your company’s modern-day logo style.

This is especially the case especially if you’ve employed the flat style for your brand. The basic colour blocking technique that is a part of screen printing is ideal for the logos in particular.

Long-Lasting Print Quality

The inks used for screen printing are extremely durable and will become part of the garment after the process has been completed. You can count on the print to last for the entire life of the garment (subject to normal use and washing).

Screen printing is an efficient method to personalize your workwear or uniforms while making a lot of products. The end result is durable as long as it’s cared to be properly.