Work Van Security Tips for Techs

As essential as it’s to ensure the work vehicle of yours is fitted to meet the professional needs of yours, it’s equally as vital that you keep the vehicle of yours and the contents of its secure and secure. Damage or loss to the vehicle of yours is usually pricey, even if by loss of useful resources or perhaps by loss of business as a result of missed appointments.

Using easy, practical security measures as well as behaviors are able to help you save a planet of headache in the function of a break-in. Look at these useful tips to boost the security of the vehicle of yours and minimize risk of potential theft.

1 Always Lock The Doors of yours

It might sound easy but remembering to lock the doors of yours each time you step away from the car of yours is the very first and maybe simplest security measure. In order to make sure you do this each time, think about purchasing slam locks. Slam locks automatically lock car doors when they’re shut without needing some activity from the car owner.

These units might be useful in easily securing high value equipment and applications by ensuring the car of yours is locked even if you have got the hands of yours full carrying equipment or even rushing from job to work.

2 Lock Internal Storage

in case you don’t purchase slam locks – or perhaps when you do – an additional degree of protection is usually to lock drawers, other storage products and cabinets inside the car of yours. In case you inadvertently leave outside doors unlocked, protect the tools of yours from a possible break in by guarding them behind a 2nd set of locked doors.

Wire window screens are a different way of keeping thieves from rifling through the belongings of yours – even in case they damage a window. Wire screens could be a good added degree of security.

3 Do not Make The Vehicle of yours a Target

colors that are Vibrant or perhaps intricate, flashy logos are able to bring the interest of thieves. Lessen the risks of the van of yours a target of theft by toning down the ad shown on the work vehicle of yours.

4 Keep The Keys of yours on You at All Times

Never go out of the keys in the vehicle of yours, even in case you are stepping away for just a short time or even when the automobile is locked. Based on the National Insurance Crime Bureau (NICB), almost 7 % of cars stolen in 2014 had the keys of theirs inside them. Modern-day anti theft technology is beneficial in deterring theft however, it could be rendered ineffective if the keys remain being sold for thieves.

Furthermore, keep doors locked while you are managing the vehicle of yours to reduce the possibility of robbers entering the automobile while it is stopped at a stoplight or even stuck in traffic.

Be aware that theft improves throughout the winter season, so as cool as it is able to get, attempt to refrain from making the vehicle of yours running for long stretches for moment to make it warm.

5 Park Mindfully

Give consideration to the place you park the car of yours, especially overnight. Dark, unsecured auto parking lots could be a thief’s playground. Parking the car of yours in apparent, well lit areas helps discourage possible break ins. Keep this in mind during the day in addition to employees stop for lunch or even in order to take a break. Park where risk is least apt to happen and exactly where thieves are going to be least more likely to believe they will get away with breaking into the automobile of yours.

In case you or your workers park work vehicles in a business parking lot overnight, make sure the chips is well lit. Secure fencing plus security surveillance methods are various other strategies helpful in protecting the car of yours.
Invest in Work Van Security

New tresses, prevention & recovery engineering, or maybe several other methods are simply several of the reasons you are able to purchase your work car to maintain the home secure of yours.

Deadlocks are dependable locking systems utilized in addition to a current locking mechanism. Much like a deadbolt commonly located on the front door of houses, this particular lock is triggered by manually inserting as well as turning a vital to lock and unlock the unit. This particular lock type is tough to break in to and will offer extra security in vulnerable places.

Slamlocks integrate with the current locking method on the car of yours and also, when installed, enable doors to lock automatically after closing. This security feature is advantageous for employees who might have the hands of theirs full carrying equipment and aren’t able to promptly lock doors by hand. They are additionally handy in case you are just busy tending to job or even interacting with a consumer and accidentally forget to secure the doors. The doors are unlocked with the key and in addition should be bypassed from within the automobile, therefore you don’t run the danger of becoming locked in.
Remote Locks

A remote locking method is helpful and convenient for ensuring the work vehicle of yours is locked whether you’re powerless in order to reach it right away or even to make sure the vehicle of yours is locked from within a building. When transporting tools forth and back for a number of tasks, remote locks could be a very helpful approach to keeping equipment secure and providing reassurance when the mind of yours might be focused elsewhere.
Pad Locks

Padlocks are fantastic ways of securing internal storage bins along with containers which have been installed in the work vehicle of yours. Padlocks are able to withstand forcible attacks and also give added protection to components of the automobile of yours while making it hard for prospective burglars to walk away with an armload of pricey equipment.

Tracker Technology

Keeping in touch with workers by way of a GPS tracking system is able to offer various benefits to a company. One of the more apparent advantages is whether a car is stolen, a monitoring system is able to help find the automobile faster not wasting time and also money which could otherwise be spent looking for the car and replacing costly equipment and tools.

Additionally, it is usually a safety tool for motorists in the event of an urgent situation or maybe other security issue. Several systems may even track maintenance problems, that will help avoid costly repairs down the highway or maybe unsafe driving conditions for automobile operators.


Alarm systems is usually a highly effective deterrent for possible vehicle break ins. In the regrettable event of a break in, the sounding of a van security alarm raises the likelihood the crook will flee rather compared to rummage through the car. The a shorter time the thief has with the vehicle of yours, the not as likely they’re to run off with the equipment of yours. A few insurance providers may even provide discounts to automobiles outfitting with an alarm system (check with the provider) of yours.
Remote Car Starter

Setting up a remote start system is able to help prevent theft as some more recent models include alarms as well as notifications which can prevent thieves. Additionally, it is able to reduce steadily the need to leave the vehicle of yours running unoccupied for an extended time period during the winter season.