The Cuckoo Club – Review

The Cuckoo Club is just lately re-designed by the 1960s fashion designer and also BIBA founder Barbara Hulanicki. But what passes in the purple boudoir of its?
Ambience and decor

The purple design of The Cuckoo Club London spells out decadence and debauchery everywhere but that is exactly how they desired it created – with rock n’ roll under consideration.

In the restaurant-come-club upstairs, the mirrored bar back with its towering shelf of liquors imparts a feeling of something naughty. Even though the mixologist skillfully concocts the drink of yours, you are able to enjoy dinner on the plush banquettes of its or even, with a reservation, in the VIP area of its. Once the dining hour, that same room is converted right into a club with neon, strobes and also cracking DJs.

Stairs, lit with a huge glittering disco ball, is going to lead you down to the cellar club in which you are able to likewise enjoy cocktails on the booths of theirs while you hold out for that transformation. Or equally stay since it is ready with music, comfy seating, a dance floor and drinks.

Atmosphere and Clientèle

The very first thing you will find out when asking about The Cuckoo Club is the fact that it never ever becomes active before 11pm.

Clearly, the club part which is. Non-Members and members as well can book tables in The Cuckoo Club’s restaurant which does get very active there. The perk for non members is the fact that they will additionally have a chance to access the club after dinner.

Since it is a members’ club, The Cuckoo Club’s guests are quite well dressed, although isn’t to suggest that they’re by any means snobby. Certainly after a drink or even 2, everyone’s much more than pleased to mingle on the dance floor as the staff manages all the refreshment needs of yours. It is most likely among the couple of locations in London where well heeled pupils and successful young professionals blend in identical measures.

Drink and food

The meals in The Cuckoo Club does not comply with cuisine. Instead you are going to find rather a selection of luxurious meat and fish dishes such as for instance grilled wagyu and langoustine beef burgers.

Economical/drinkonomical isn’t a word considered here. With starters upwards of £10 and mains upwards of £15, you might need to curb the enthusiasm of yours over the small selection of theirs of £8 desserts. Nevertheless, you’ll be rewarded well in case you buy the Valrhona ganache with salt crumble.

Drinks wise, cocktails will be the point to go for. Blends of absinthe and champagne will certainly get the party started though you can equally aim for a tame G&T. In either case, the bar males know the way of theirs around an ice cube.

Given the aspirations of its, The Cuckoo Club likely inclines far more towards the rock n’ roll edge but rather you are equally as apt to hear dance and RnB classics. With various nights running all over the week and on all of the dance floors of theirs, there is definitely room for choice.

In Summary

The Cuckoo Club isn’t a night out for the faint hearted or even tiny budgeted but get ready for the massive bill also you’re guaranteed fun in large supply.

Budget: Splash The Cash

Pre-designs: Fun Time Party Night, Impress a date, A List hang-out

Service: 4/5