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The best anniversary messages

Simply because each year spent together counts, and also deserves being celebrated – we have gathered all of the greatest anniversary messages that you can get the perfect words to create in your charity anniversary ecard this year.
Whether you are celebrating your initial year together or maybe the 50th wedding anniversary of yours, we’ve a lot of funny, sarcastic and thoughtful messages to go out of a smile on your partner’s face. The anniversary messages of ours may additionally be adapted to husbands or even wives and girlfriends or boyfriends. Continue reading to discover that perfect something to say!

Anniversary Messages for Your Girlfriend or Wife
Funny Anniversary Messages

  1. Bon anniversaire to us!
  2. Who will have thought we’d allow it to be another year without killing one another?
  3. I adore you like John Snow adores the aunt of his.
  4. Happy anniversary – I am impressed you are still with me!
  5. I still cannot think you said YES!
  6. The love of mine for you is eternal – no matter if we are older and wrinkly. I guarantee!
  7. Honestly, I am amazed you have made it this much with me. Thank you!
  8. To my favorite duvet snatcher… happy anniversary!
  9. Happy anniversary, simply thought you must know…. I still would.
  10. I believe I might have created some attachment type for you.
    Thoughtful Anniversary Messages
  11. Thank you for an incredible year, here is to many more collectively!
  12. I am so grateful to have discovered you and you said yes.
  13. To my gorgeous, thoughtful, and caring wife – thank you for being you, I adore you.
  14. Because we got married, I have never felt so fulfilled and satisfied. Cheers to us on this particular day!
  15. All of the text in the planet cannot describe exactly how I think about you. I have been crazy about you since the morning we met.
  16. Thank you for putting up with all the faults of mine and celebrating all the great qualities of mine. I adore you.
  17. You’re the strength of mine and I never ever want to drop you. Happy anniversary the love of mine.
  18. We’re timeless. Together, we’ll constantly have joy, laughter, friendship, and stability. I adore you.
  19. “You are the sun of mine, the moon of mine, together with every one of my stars.” E.E. Cummings
  20. I love you not just for what you’re however for what I’m when we are together. Happy anniversary!
    Cute Anniversary Messages
  21. You deliver me all of the feels.
  22. I am so fortunate to have discovered you. Happy anniversary!
  23. Loved you yesterday, like you still, constantly have, forever will.
  24. All of me adores every one of you. Happy anniversary.
  25. Nobody else will know the relationship of ours, so nobody else in this planet would understand me the manner in which you are doing. Happy anniversary!
  26. Every love story is stunning, but ours is the favourite of mine. Happy anniversary to us!
  27. I have fallen in love often. Constantly with you.
  28. I love us simply the way we’re:).
    Rude Anniversary Messages
  29. There is nobody I would prefer to irritate the sh** out of, than you!
  30. Happy anniversary! We are actually rocking this marriage sh** are not we!
  31. Nobody makes me much less associated with a miserable ba* than you. Thanks honey!
  32. Love that is true has been totally devoted to someone no matter if they’re a giant… ****.
  33. I cannot picture living a life without you. I would most likely be performing the dishes, cooking and laundry by myself. So I will stay with you
  34. Congratulations – you are the perfect option for the very first wife of mine!
    Anniversary Messages for Your Boyfriend or Husband
    Funny Anniversary Messages
  35. Happy anniversary, you receive a shorter time for murder.
  36. You are healthy, you are funny and you are an utter and complete perv! All I needed?
  37. Sometimes I truly wish to harm you, I do not get it done however – as I would most likely overlook you…
  38. Thanks for not swiping left? Love you hubby!
  39. Here is to me, I’ve loved you for another 365 days! Today, get me a big drink!
  40. I have consistently wanted what is right for you – and that is obviously me!
  41. Hurrayyy we have not killed one another still! Happy anniversary.
  42. Every single day I value you but nowadays you obtain a card to prove it…