Should I use my Accountants as my Registered Office Address?

We speak with a lot of very first time contractors each day, and usually we’re asked the identical question, in which can I select for my to register the company office of mine? Numerous contractors utilize their pay or homes for its own registered office address elsewhere, though the ideas of ours could not be less complicated, why don’t you pick the accountant of yours?

Your company’s registered business address is going to be the main address used for regular correspondence from HMRC as well as Companies House. The registered office address is going to be apparent on the Companies House site and it is the address needed being quoted and also displayed on the contracts of yours, letterheads, invoices and business correspondence.

With this in mind, you might be contemplating what benefit you will get making use of your accountant’s head office as your company’s registered business address? Effectively, we will tell you.
Using the Accountant of yours as your Registered Office Address

Making use of your accountant’s head office as your Ltd Company’s registered business address is really typical, and you will find some benefits gained by doing this. The primary advantage is the fact that in case you often use your accountant’s registered address service, then your accountant Cardiff is able to deal with all routines correspondence which is available in for you Ltd Company. Info out of the taxman (tax codes, recommendations, penalties etc.) is delivered right to your company’s address, and also exactly where better for your organization correspondence being delivered to than the professional contractor accountant of yours? the accountant of yours could then look after the processing and filing of this info instantly, which helps you save the difficulty of being forced to browse in or maybe post info to the accountant yourself by hand. Additionally, specific tax correspondences have expiry dates and also completion deadlines, and also developing an accountant intercept these on the behalf of yours will help with acquiring info and also transaction notifications on time.

An additional reason behind opting to use an accountant’s registered address will be privacy. Although when creating a Ltd Company, Companies House call for details of the Director’s correspondence address, the registered office address is definitely the sole tackle which is made readily available. Developing your accountant’s address made noticeable would stop anyone from knowing the places you live by using the company info of yours.