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4 Non-surgical weight loss benefits

The term “non-surgical weight loss” is numerous procedures designed to help you shed excess weight with no surgery. Non-surgical weight loss methods are suitable for those who aren’t eligible for weight loss surgery , or you do not want surgery.

Looking into non-surgical weight loss strategies

Based on your specific needs We may recommend one of the following non-surgical options:

Endoscopic sleeve sleeve gastroplasty is an incision-free procedure that utilizes sutures to shrink the size of your stomach by as much as 80percent
It is the Obalon Balloon Systemis a three-balloon swallowable system designed to reduce the size of your stomach.
ORBERA is a balloon made of silicone that remains in position for six months, while you are learning to manage portions sizes

Each of these options works best when combined with changes to your lifestyle, like weight control.

Benefits of non-surgical weight loss

Whatever method you select regardless of the method you choose, you will reap these advantages:

No incisions are required

A major and appealing advantages of non-surgical procedure is that they do not require incisions. Incision-free procedures offer many advantages by themselves: less post-procedure infections reduction in pain, quicker recovery.

There is no need to eliminate the stomach or any other part.

A few surgical treatments, including an erectile sleeve or vertical gastroplasty can help you feel fuller by removing a portion the stomach. If your stomach gets smaller, you’ll feel fuller more quickly.

Non-surgical weight loss techniques achieve the same result Yi making to be full Yi without the need to remove any part from your stomach.

For example Both Obalon and ORBERA employ balloons to make your stomach feel less full. While the endoscopic sleeve gastroplasty utilizes sutures to reduce the size of your stomach however there is no need to cut or making incisions or the removal of any portion of your stomach.

It is possible that you do not require anesthesia.

Certain procedures, such as Obalon isn’t a procedure that requires anesthesia. In this case it is necessary to swallow a capsule that puts the balloon exactly in the place it’s needed to be.

However, not all non-surgical procedures for weight loss are anesthesia-free. Certain treatments require anesthesia to ensure your comfort when you undergo endoscopic gastroplasty.

Proven effectiveness

One of the most exciting advantages is the fact that non-surgical weight loss methods have been proved to be to be effective. Our team provides only solutions for weight loss that have been confirmed to be safe and effective.

It’s an oasis of calm for those who have struggled to meet your goals using only exercise and diet. Obalon balloons are a great option. Obalon balloon technique, for example will help you shed as much as 20% of your body weight in the first year following the procedure.

Convenient and quick

It could take weeks to heal after weight-loss surgery or any other surgery in general. But this isn’t the case with non-surgical weight loss methods.

Long-term weight loss

Since all of these non-surgical methods for weight loss aid you in adopting healthier portions, they’ll prepare you for long-term success.
A boost for your mental health

Exercise and diet Yi but not achieving Yi is a nightmare. It can be a bit overwhelming to consider dropping your health goals. Weight loss techniques that aren’t surgical can boost your confidence and also help to improve your mental health as you achieve your goals.

The process of completing this one gives you the chance to discover different habits that will help you maintain your mental health. This can include eating well-balanced and balanced meals as well as self-care practices, and working out regularly.

You are ready begin?

If you’re not sure the non-surgical weight loss method is best for your needs, you shouldn’t take the choice by yourself. If you visit an appointment for weight loss, the consultant will ask questions regarding your goals to lose weight, examines your general health history and talks about your needs.

To determine which method is the best one for you, please call our office now.