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What Can You Expect From Massage Therapy In Truro?

If you believe in any of the numerous massage myths, know that you’re not the only one. When people think of massage they imagine things that are a waste of time, extra expense or unimportant.

There are many advantages of massage therapy that anyone around the world can benefit from.

Are you someone who deals suffering from chronic pain? Do you want to have better blood circulation , or maybe an improved mood? If yes you might find that massage therapy is just what you’ve been lacking.

Continue reading to find out seven of the most significant advantages of massage therapy and look into something that will benefit you.

1. Aids with Insomnia

Massage has been proven to reduce Cortisol levels within the brain, while increasing dopamine and serotonin levels and dopamine levels, which is great for anyone who needs to get a restful night’s sleep. This means that you’ll also notice that stress levels decrease and you’ll be able to get a better night’s sleep.

Another factor to take into consideration is that many people suffering from insomnia have trouble sleeping because of the pain. Massage assists people in managing their pain and provide relief from tension across the body, regardless of whether it’s caused by an injury or stressor.

2. Less Muscle Pain

At times it is normal for everyone to be afflicted with sore muscles. this could lead to various issues, such as injuries, strain on the body or loss of performance. The treatment of pain through massage therapy is extremely beneficial as your circulation will improve , and discomfort will diminish while you relax.

In case you’re experiencing pain because you’ve sustained an injury, or due to an ongoing condition massage Truro could be able to alleviate some of the muscle tension that’s leading to the discomfort.

3. Increases Your Immunity

A lot of the massage benefits people are familiar with include immediate results, like more sleep or less pain. Massages also increase your immunity and enhance your endocrine system.

A study conducted at Los Angeles found that people who had received 45-minute massages had higher levels of white blood cells which help protect the body against various diseases (lymphocytes). Furthermore people were identified to lower levels of molecules that are partly responsible for inflammation in your body (cytokines) and lower level of cortisol (the cortisol hormone that causes stress).

Massage can be an extremely beneficial method for those who naturally suffer from low levels of immunity. Since we know that massage reduces stress levels, those who regularly have massages may be less likely to contract illness.

4. Stops sitting down all Day

Being in a seated position for long periods of time isn’t good for the body, yet most of us must be in a seated position for the duration of the work we do. Massage therapy can counteract the imbalances people experience in their postures as a result of long hours of sitting.

Because blood flow can be an issue for people who are spending a lot of their time in a sedentary position massage is also beneficial to those who require improved circulation. Additionally, it can help people suffering from lower or upper back pain, which can be caused by a bad chair.

5. Increases Flexibility

Are you keen on doing yoga or gymnastics but does not feel like they’re in a position to begin? Regular massages can improve your performance in these kinds of sports and also in everyday day life.

Massage is focused upon your connective tissue, muscles as well as joints (among other places) that are all crucial to help you stay flexible.

Because massage can stimulate creation of oils the body naturally produces within our bodies, massage increases the elasticity of your body. Massage can help improve your motion range and make you less prone to injury since you’ll have better protection for joints.

6. Helps to Promote Relaxation

There will be less tension and, as a result you’ll have a much easier to relax after receiving massage. It’s a lot more easy to enter the state of relaxation when you’re not suffering or sleeping well.

A massage can mean that your body is relaxed and at peace, without distractions and stress. This is something you might need in case you’re overwhelmed or stressed.

If you’re one of those who struggles to get their energy back after an exhausting day, regular massages might help.

7. Combats Anxiety and Depression

A lot of people feel a sense of happiness after receiving the massage. This is mostly due to changes in brain chemical levels, which we have discussed earlier which occur when a massage is performed. It’s not just something that happens for a short time; it has been demonstrated that those who get massages on regular basis experience lower levels of anxiety, depression symptoms as well as hostility and anger.

A better mood overall and feeling more at ease in your body will assist you to live your life more easily.
Enjoy the benefits that come from Massage Therapy Today

If you’ve never experienced previously had a massage, or weren’t certain whether it was something you’re interested in, knowing about the advantages of massage therapy could cause you to make an appointment.

Massage is ideal for people who wish to lower tension levels, ease pain, enhance their overall body functions and improve their mood simultaneously. A single massage can demonstrate that these benefits could be yours too.

Why not try it? Contact us today to find out the details about our massage offerings and the various massage packages we offer. You will not be disappointed by the results.