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What to look for in an engagement ring?

Shopping for an engagement ring is fun! It’s exciting to finally find the one. Now you are on the hunt for that perfect ring. It’s a great experience, but it can also be confusing, especially for those who have never been there. This list contains 10 things to remember before you purchase an engagement ring.
1. Sometimes, settings and diamonds are sold individually

Let’s start by pointing out something that most people don’t realize: center stones and settings are often sold separately. You are usually shopping for two things when buying an engagement ring. Your center stone, which is typically a white diamond, and your setting (the metal that holds it) are the most important.

Some rings can be pre-set with the center stone. Most antique engagement rings come complete. Many modern jewelers also make pre-set rings. It is becoming more common for jewelers today to sell settings and centers separately. Be aware of this when you shop.

2. Know the 4Cs

Before you shop for your diamond, it is important to know the four Cs. The 4Cs are gradings that are given to diamonds. Here’s a short overview of all 4Cs.

Cut: How well a diamond has been cut. This affects its ability to capture light.

Color is the measurement of how white a diamond is.

Clarity: The ability to determine how flawless a particular diamond is both internally and externally.

Carat: A measurement of the weight of a diamond that can help you determine its size.

3. Experts in Jewelry Say Diamond Cut Should Be Prioritized

While each of these 4Cs are vital, experts in jewelry recommend prioritizing cut to evaluate diamonds. Wondering how? Poor quality cuts can make a diamond look dull or dimmed.

4. Style: Shape and Setting

Your engagement ring’s style is largely determined by the shape and style of the setting. Your diamond center stone’s shape is what you see. This could be round, oval or princess. Each shape comes with a unique style. The setting on your engagement ring can also affect its style. The settings can be timeless, modern, unique, or vintage-inspired.

5. Get your Order In Advance

Unless you have a set, your jeweler may take some time to place the diamonds in your engagement ring. You may also need to wait for some engagement rings to be made. To ensure that you have your ring on the day you wish to propose, you should order it well in advance. The best rule of thumb is to order six weeks in advance. This allows you to have plenty of time, but make sure to consult your jeweler to find out the exact time it will take to complete your ring.

6. There is no right amount to spend

You might have heard that there is a minimum amount of money you should spend on your engagement rings. A common belief is that an engagement ring should cost the equivalent of three months salary. But there is no set amount. Only spend what you feel comfortable with. Your budget is personal. Consider your financial situation and make your decision. Then, spend what you like on your engagement rings.

7. You Can Always Upgrade Later

Don’t worry if the ring you choose isn’t big enough. You can always get a larger, more flashy ring later. It is very common to upgrade engagement rings on birthdays and anniversaries.

8. Know Your Precious Metals

There are many choices for setting an engagement ring. Many times, the same setting can be made in multiple precious metals. Precious metals that are most commonly used to make engagement rings include platinum, white, yellow, and rose. Your ring’s design and maintenance requirements will depend on the precious metal you choose.

9. Warranty are not the same as jewelry insurance

Sometimes people mistake jewelry insurance for warranty. Our Peace of Mind extended maintenance program and warranties generally cover manufacturing defects and wear. Jewel insurance covers you for accidental theft and loss.

10. You Can Go Custom

A custom-made engagement band is possible if you don’t find the perfect ring. A custom ring can be created in a matter of minutes and is much more affordable than you may think. It is well worth the extra time and effort it takes to get something customized. The end result will be a ring unlike any other that reflects your love and commitment.