Choosing the right office space

Finding your brand new office space might seem as a daunting task in the beginning. With a number of different individuals to please and many choices to think about, you might not understand exactly where to start. By asking the proper questions from the really beginning you will have the ability to locate the office space that’s inspiring, economical and ideal for your company.

It is location, location, location.

You have identified an office for rent in your ideal area, though location is focused on much more than simply the neighbourhood, there is much more to check. Perhaps you have considered the various other things which can make your brand new workplace a success or maybe a living nightmare?

Public transportation.

In case you are in London you are going to need to think about the nearest underground stations. That lines are nearby? Are available alternative stations providing of closures? In case put into the tube, check out the nearest mainline station and just how regularly the trains are.

There’ll be planned closures.

Road, tubes and rail might all be subject to closures which may impact both your visitors and staff members during their trips in your brand new workplace. Can there be a long run plans for closing? In case you discover big improvements planned, the tubing and rail stations are able to close for a long time. Just before you sign, be sure you look at the dotted line.

What’s it love to commute?

A very long journey is able to make employees feel terrible before they actually get to the workplace. The trip into work on your staff must be considered. When you are moving to another area, you should think about the effect on employees’ commute.

You will find traffic patterns.

Consider neighborhood traffic patterns in case your staff or maybe visitors will drive into the workplace. The chaotic times are when there’re a lot of individuals. How will the journey to the brand new office be influenced by this? Will be the location in a congested region? During rush hour, have a test drive back and forth from the office.

Image/reputation of the area

Prospective clients can see your company in an alternative way due to the reputation of the regional area. In case the spot has a great reputation, your guests and staff members are going to feel more secure in your office.

They’re neighbors.

In and from the structure, consider your prospective neighbours. They’re opposition? Can it be likely that they can create problems? For instance, a call centre must be careful of a nightclub.

Will be work area close to homes? When implementing the works, any nearby authority might demand a sound test report, which you might have to think about.

There’s a neighborhood labour market.

In case you’re relocating to an alternative area you might want to think about the neighborhood labour market, particularly in case you’re not close to a big city.


In case your small business calls for visitors or staff members to travel frequently to and also from the workplace, you might have to think about the quality as well as accessibility of local taxi businesses.

There’s competition.

Think about the place of your competitors; can they be nearby? Will this create problems? Can they be located in a location which has a worse or better reputation?

They’re customers.

It’s feasible that your staff members is going to need to check out clients’ offices regularly so you might have to look into this when searching for a brand new office space. The sales force may spend more time on the highway than with clients in case the office is much from the target audience.


In case you’re searching for space beyond a city, you might want to look at nearby courier companies.

The protection of the vicinity.

Workers spend over eight hours one day in the workplace, so creating a secure neighborhood in which they really feel secure must be a high priority. In case travelling by foot, think about the path staff has to go to and from neighborhood transport.

There’s a close proximity to emergency services.

No person really wants to consider serious accidents at your workplace, though it’s possible you might have to call out the crisis services. The closest hospital, fire, as well police stations are near to one another.

Customer entertainment.

What is nearby? Are you going to have to develop in customer hosting areas inside your new space?

It’s essential to move to airports.

Do you (or your clients) have a worldwide presence? Is your staff very likely to have to go for business? Locating much from an airport is able to waste time and cause hassle on your staff.


Is there a sufficient number of places to consume in the regional area? The distance will staff have to go during their lunchtime break? Can there be a good spot for equally dining in and taking out?

You will find neighborhood amenities.

Life goes on when we’re in the office, your workers will need to do things after work or even during lunch. In case you are able to find a workplace close to a bank, pharmacy and shopping area, your staff members will thank you.

Construction work.

Presently there are any planned or current construction projects nearby? The air and noise pollution caused by these can’t be ignored. A great view could be transformed into an unattractive one by significant works.

There’s an office tip.

Map your workers’ new journeys in work to evaluate the way the move will impact their everyday commute. You might want to build a travel program to determine alternative routes for staff and visitors.

There are hotels.

Site visitors are going to need to stay overnight. Think about just how close the nearest resort is in your office, and the potential traveling time.

There are additional practices.

In case your workers have to go between offices, you might want to think about the proximity of your respective proposed new room to the various other websites and just how simple the voyage will be.