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What’s the difference between renovation and refurbishment?

Renovations to your property can be exciting however they can costly and time-consuming.

Whatever the reason you’re considering the possibility of a renovation project, it’s important think about the reasons for undertaking the project and what you’d like to invest.

In this article we’ll look at the differences between renovations and refurbishments, and also highlight the advantages of renovating.

We’ll also show some fantastic renovation ideas that will inspire the homeowner…

What is the difference between refurbishment and renovation?

The main difference between renovating a home and rehabilitating one is the magnitude of the work.

Renovation projects typically involve structural changesthat may consist of completely stripping a building back to its fundamentals and adding space, or altering the footprint of the property.

A flat refurbishment London, on contrary, tends to be less intrusive and more about upgrading or replacing items that are already present, such as:

Repairing or replacing things such as damaged tiles, scratched or scratched flooring

Re-decorating, such as painting, plastering, or wallpapering walls

Cleaning, fixing, or replacing furniture or fittings

What is the cost to renovate the home?

Renovating your home can be costly however it shouldn’t cost as much as a complete renovation.

A minor renovation that is just as easy as painting and decor, might cost less than a few hundred pounds or perhaps less.

A more extensive refurbishment it could involve the painting of, or decorating fixing or replacing flooring tiles, or upgrading furniture will likely to cost several thousand pounds.

Benefits of renovating your home

There are many advantages to renovating your property instead of doing a complete renovation…

  1. Fast improvements

If you’re planning to sell your home quickly and efficiently, a renovation is a great option to give your property some extra heft before it goes to the market.

The majority of refurbishment work are completed in a short time which means you don’t need to hold off selling your property and will be able to profit if market conditions are favorable.

If you’re a landlord in the meantime, a simple renovation can make your property attractive to potential tenants as well as reducing any vacant period to an absolute minimal.

  1. It’s cost-effective

A complete renovation that could involve adding area through extensions or conversion, could cost as much as hundreds in thousands.

The process of renovating takes time, and may result in several costly surprises in the process as well.

A less extensive renovation of your home will be more affordable If you’re content with the design and layout of your flat and desire to make it more appealing.

  1. Less rules and restrictions

There’s a good chance that you won’t require planning permission to undertake any work to improve your home.

In comparison to larger renovations which usually require planning approval and approval from the government, there’s less bureaucratic hurdles to overcome when you’re undertaking a remodel.

If, however, you’re planning to do large electrical or gas-related work in your renovation You may require Building Regulations approval.

  1. A more relaxed feeling

Sometimes, a remodel is necessary to make a flat appear like an actual home.

The years fly through the air in the blink of an eye , and in a matter of minutes your home can begin to appear dingy or outdated.

Through a renovation by carrying out a refurbishment, you can make it modern as well as make it appear like home once more.

  1. It can be a valuable asset

Even though refurbishments usually require less work than complete remodels, they are still able to enhance the value of your flat.

Period features that are well maintained are extremely popular with buyers. If the style of your flat is distinct from other homes buyers might be prepared to pay more.

It is also possible to consider small improvements to the rooms you use most often, like in your kitchen. changing lights or faucets could transform the look of your home for an affordable price.

  1. Attractive to buyers

Many potential buyers will decide to go to your property on the marketing photos alone.

In reviving and updating your home’s decor will ensure that your property is attractive to potential buyers and increase your odds of selling your home quickly.

  1. Appeal to the exterior of the kerb

It’s not only the interior of your flat that you might want to consider re-furbishing.

The exterior of your home will be the very first impression prospective buyers are looking at when they visit to view it and a fresh coat of paint on the front door, freshly washed brickwork, and a neat and tidy yard can create a big difference in the crucial first impressions.

  1. There is a chance to have lower cost of maintenance

If you renovate your home it is possible to cut down on the amount of regular maintenance that it needs.

The tap that has to be tightened every month or the tile which has was replaced seven times, but remains falling off on a regular basis may become a source of stress in the past by resurfacing.

  1. It could be refreshing to feel like a new beginning

A well-planned renovation can appear as if you’re living in a totally different home.

If your home feels dull and dull If you’re looking to refresh your home, a new coating of paint, or new carpet can bring some energy and provide the home, as well as the residents who live there an instant boost.

Five fantastic ideas for renovations to make your property more appealing

When renovations are needed there is always some inspiration. Here are five ideas for your home…

  1. Bring out the charm of your home

If you’re fortunate enough to reside in a historic home you can try reviving your entry hall by adding some traditional Victorian flooring tiles to truly create a statement.

  1. Keep your clothes in line with your style.

Refurbishments can be a fantastic opportunity to bring your fixtures into the same direction and make your home appear more unified and well-designed. These fixtures in gold are in style and perfectly on trend.

  1. Bold with color

White, crisp walls are a good choice however, homeowners are getting more daring with their color selections. What better way to experiment than with a deep blue living room and paired with bold or striking furniture?

  1. Make your home office an inspirational space

Remote work isn’t going anywhere and your next renovation project can create the perfect home office. With a new floor as well as a fresh coat of paint, the addition of a new chair and desk and you’ll have the ideal work-from-home space.

  1. A striking front door

Your front door will determine the mood for your flat’s interior and is particularly noticeable for buyers and potential buyers, so think about a fresh coating of color to help bring it to life. The pastel shades of blue and pink are growing in popularity.