Wood Drawer vs. Metal Drawer

Deciding on the best materials for a product starts with understanding the client base of yours. Cabinet manufacturers generally take into consideration how customers will communicate with the cabinets of theirs to be able to decide the ideal design for them. In the situation of a drawer system, the following are a few things to think about to be able to create a great decision about wood vs metal drawer systems:

Does the customer use the item at home or even work?
Is the item placed in a prominent visual location?
What’ll be kept within the drawers, and just how heavy is the fact that load?
Are there sound restrictions on the usage of the drawers?
What other furniture pieces may these drawers have to match?

In ways that are many, functionality increases in proportion to the amount of drawers in an area. While tall, deep drawers are certainly helpful to save specific bulkier items, having many smaller sized drawers allows users to keep a much better quantity of smaller things in an structured way. No matter the setup, the largest factor in a product’s functionality is going to be quality. Drawers should slide open and close smoothly and easily, with no undue struggle in the hands of the person.

Deciding on the best materials

The 2 most widely used material different categories for drawer systems are metal as well as wood. Within each one of these groups, obviously, are a wide range of features and finishes to select from. But in the expertise of ours, cabinet manufacturers initially pick the materials group, and next start narrowing down the specifics. Both wood and metal have their cons and pros, as well as the decision between the 2 usually boils down to design aesthetic and also use factors.

In present day blog post, we are planning to take a deeper look at the two materials categories to assist you decide whether metal or maybe wood is right.

Timber drawers

Wood drawers are the standard choice, and therefore are chosen by many cabinet companies. Options like dovetailing corners and also tongue-and-groove details provide wood drawers with a stylish and classic visual appeal. When picking out a rubber drawer system, we advise against drawers which are produced of particle board, because they do not provide real additional value apart from raising cost effectiveness.

Select a wooden drawer system which provides the following features:

Good wood boxes
Tongue-In-Groove details and/or dovetail
Strong tracks; adhering to popular quality standards
Soft-close, cushion-close or push-to-open technology
Good drawer slides that make use of steel ball bearings
Silent and smooth operation

There are a great selection of wooden drawers to fit a variety of various project needs. The products of ours are produced from a number of different woods like poplar and birch, and UV coated drawer materials. We likewise have a wide choice of drawer slide products.

Metallic drawers

Metal drawers are an excellent option to speed up production. They provide a lot more on site adjustment capacities allowing it to accommodate various organizational elements. In an contemporary European design pattern, metal drawers likewise give you a visual appearance that’s in alignment with the visual.

When locating drawer slides metal, you will wish to make certain the following features:

Strong tracks; adhering to popular quality standards
Double-wall technology, which includes concealed running system
Soft near, cushion-close or push-to-open technology
Good drawer slides that make use of steel ball bearings
Quiet and smooth operation