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How Does Court Style Effect Betting on Tennis?

Whether you’re looking to bet on a major event or just the Challenger draw that is held in your hometown tennis betting is one of the top clubs you can include in your handicapping arsenal.

The season runs from January to November, and that means you can almost always find tennis odds that can be bet.

Yes, even during the summer’s dead months.

Unfortunately, tennis is inaccessible to the untrained eye. The scoring may seem odd and there are lots of variables in a match that very few tennis players ever take the time to explain.

It’s a good thing I’m here assist. I’ve played tennis for nearly 20 years and am raking huge profits from betting inefficient parts of the market that novice bettors do not even look at.

So, if you’re trying to learn how to place bets on tennis, this is your starting point.

How to bet on Tennis: A Short Guide to Tennis Odds & Tennis Betting

Let’s get started with the fundamentals. There are a few fundamental aspects to take into consideration while handicapping tennis Court, form and price.

Tennis Betting How Does Court Style Effect Betting on Tennis?

There are three primary kinds of tennis court surfaces that are available on tour – clay, grass and hardcourt. The players often have different skill sets that could set them up for success (or failure) in different court surfaces.

For example, clay court games are slower and usually have more volleying.

On the other hand, grass courts are notoriously rapid-paced.

Understanding the strengths and weaknesses of players is essential to lasting success in the betting on tennis space.

Tennis Betting How Do You Measure Form Mean when Betting on tennis?

For tennis players “form” can be a broad term used to describe how an individual is performing. People who play well are said to be in good form. Players who play poorly have poor form.

Knowing how to play is crucial in betting on a sport such as tennis. Bettors want to get on the trend with tennis stars.

In the same way, they might want to cut off players who are on an extended losing streak.

Tennis Betting: How Do the Tennis Odds Perform When Betting?

Unlike in other sports where bettors are more likely to bet point spreads, the tennis market (like the baseball) is primarily a marketplace centered around straight moneyline betting costs.

Tennis betting on a most-favored player often means placing heavy juice. Famous favorites like Novak Djokovic are regularly -1000 or less against regular tour matches.

Therefore, betting on favorites can yield a lower yield than other sports and upsets can be much more costly.

On contrary can be extremely profitable when you are able to identify and bet the right tennis bets tips.

ATP Calendar: Understanding the Tennis Calendar

The tennis for men (ATP) calendar is basically a year-round proposition. Tennis tournaments begin in January, and run through November.

A majority of tennis players – and especially the best players – won’t endure 11 consecutive months of uninterrupted tennis. However, there are professional tournaments almost every week which are packed with tennis players and odds.

Every season typically begins in January, during the Australian summer. In the Australian summer, the Australian Open – the first major tournament of the year – takes place towards the end of January and continues into February.

Hardcourt tournaments are ongoing throughout North America through the winter.

The clay season kicks off in spring, and the focus of the tour is now shifting towards Europe in the summer, as do clay courts. This culminates around the beginning of June with the second major of the year.

There’s a short grass time in the latter half of June and early July, highlighted by a fortnight at Wimbledon.

The second part of the calendar appears much less unified, with tournaments across the globe and on a variety of surfaces. The most important date listed on this calendar remains the major event of the calendar that is the US Open, played at Flushing Meadows in New York every September.

Non-major tour events have numbers that indicate how big or prestigious that particular tournament is. ATP 1000 tournaments are the largest non-major tournaments that exist.

There are also between 500 as well as 250 events.

WTA Schedule

The ladies tennis (WTA) pro tour is based on the same general schedule as the men’s tour. Major tournaments are played simultaneously, while some non-major weeks take place in completely different venues.

For example: Last week the men’s tour was playing in Winston-Salem as the women’s tour held two events in Cleveland along with Granby (Canada). This week, though, both tours will be playing at the US Open in New York.

Free Tennis Betting Tips for Betting on Tennis

In the case of tennis odds One of my most-used techniques is betting on unintuitive favorites.

Every event has seeded players and every player has an official ranking. Rankings and seeds can be not very useful, however, the market for betting does not understand this.

Bettors will take a bet on players with weaker court or form simply because they happen to have more numbers next to their name.

Due to this, I like to find spots in which seeded players or better-ranked players are considered short underdogs. This is why I prefer betting that player who is ranked lower.

One of the examples occurred recently. In the Winston-Salem Open, unseeded French player Adrian Mannarino was matched up against the No. 8 seed Albert Ramos-Vinolas.

Despite the seeding differences, Mannarino was priced at the BetMGM online sportsbook as a -150 betting option.

The line was a surprise to me, so I researched the match more. I found that Mannarino was a professional 3-5 head-to-head against Ramos-Vinolas, however, he won 3-0 on hardcourt. And Winston-Salem is indeed a hardcourt event.

I bet two units on Mannarino’s win and he cruised to an easy, straight-set victory.

It could also be profitable to focus on tennis games as live betting opportunities.

Few sports have extreme high-leverage moments as tennis does, meaning that odds can swing wildly based on the result of only a couple of points.

Betting smartly on live tennis odds can rapidly create advantageous opportunities for sports bettors.