Data recovery of Apple iPhones

The most famous smartphone in today’s world is Apple’s iPhone. Although people most widely use it for the great quality of the camera, it has several other advantages too. Data can be easily lost on the iPhone, such as contacts can be wiped out, and photos & files can be accidentally deleted if we are not aware of its proper use. Moreover, if we upgrade or update the iPhone software or manage a factory reset, then also data can be deleted. It is also very easy to damage it by dropping it on a hard surface or in water making the iPhone nonfunctioning. But the recovery of data from a damaged iPhone is also possible.

Common problems in iPhones – Tips and suggestions

●    Device not connecting to PC or not charging

The charging port of the iPhone is placed at the very bottom. This area allows a charging and connection interface. If these components are not working properly, then the charging port will probably be faulty or damaged.

●    iPhone stuck on Apple logo

Various reasons may cause this problem, and a simple device reboot can occasionally solve this problem. Still, if anything serious happens, it requires a specialist or replacement of the parts for normal functioning.

●    iPhone is dead

This problem doesn’t have any root cause this may happen due to incorrectly working of the on/off button, screen damage, the battery being dead or not being able to charge, or hardware failure or damage. The problem may be due to the internal failure of the device.

●    Red screen

The red screen of death is commonly known as one of the most severe iPhone failures, and it predicts that there is a hardware failure mostly caused by water damage. If the iPhone is water damaged, it is recommended to avoid the powering of the phone and contact the experts immediately.

●    Straight grey lines on the screen of the iPhone

If this happens to the iPhone, then there may be some fault in the screen, or the inner connections are not placed correctly, or it may be damaged.

●    iPhone gets stuck into recovery mode

This is also a common issue of using the iPhone and can be caused by the following-

–      User may have placed their iPhone in recovery mode to fix the problem or by mistake.

–      The user tried to jailbreak the iPhone, and something went awry, or there was power lost during the upgrade or update operation.

–      The user is updating iOS, and due to insufficient space, something went wrong.

●    Failing in iOS updates commonly occurs due to low charging, insufficient storage, or errors.

●    Error code 14 occurs when the phone is being clasped in a boot loop.

Varieties of techniques are available to recover the data from iPhone. The iPhone may be physically damaged or corrupted memory card or files. If the iPhone is broken, then the memory card and storage chips are removed, and read the data in it before reconstructing it back to how it was. Thus, data recovery helps to restore all the lost data.