5 Ways to Get from New Istanbul Airport to Sultanahmet

The brand new Istanbul Airport (IST) can be as of seven April 2019 the primary international airport of Istanbul. The airport is situated alongside the Black Sea on the European aspect, aproximatelly forty km from Taksim and forty nine km from Sultanahmet. In order to reach the hotel of yours, you’ve a number of options, each with their disadvantages and advantages. Here is an overview that will help you create the correct choice dependent on your needs, budget and preferences. I’ve a similar post for individuals flying in at Sabiha Gökçen on the Asian aspect of Istanbul.

Overall Guidelines

Get Turkish Liras – In case you do not have Turkish liras on you, utilize one of the numerous ATMs in the terminal to withdraw some money money. The majority of the transportation choices described below won’t take credit cards, international currencies or perhaps large Turkish lira notes. Be sure you’ve some 5, ten, twenty or maximum fifty notes available.

Get an Istanbul Kart – In case you intend to make use of public transportation, ensure being an Istanbul Kart in the airport, and stuff enough funds on it. To us the card isn’t just less expensive, it is additionally necessary on many public transportation lines nowadays.
Hotel Address – Ensure you note down or print out the actual address of the hotel of yours, together with the telephone number of its. Istanbul is an enormous town with an uncountable quantity of (small) hotels. Even locals do not understand all of them by heart. Thus, in case you need help, simply hand over the sheet of paper. It is not uncommon for a taxi driver to request directions at traffic lights or perhaps phone the resort.


A great deal of visitors naturally take a IST airport taxi to get to the hotel of theirs. However with the brand new Istanbul Airport being minimum forty km away, you might want to give that additional thought. A journey out of the brand new Istanbul airport to Taksim is going to set you too for minimum 150 TL, and also 190 to Sultanahmet. Nevertheless, these’re NOT fixed prices; when the taxi hits traffic, utilizes toll roads or perhaps takes an extended (but based on the taxi driver) faster highway, the fare might boost fast. Even in case you are a party of 4 as well as the driver manages to place all the luggage of yours in the trunk, you are still better off taking among the choices listed below.

Just in case you have to have a taxi, simply walk to the recognized taxi ranks located just outside the terminal. Never ever go for a ride out of the hustlers within the airport terminal, and try to ask to change on the meter.

Havaist Airport Shuttle

Havaist is a brand new airport shuttle service operating many bus lines between the brand new Istanbul airport and areas all around Istanbul.

In order to reach Taksim, it is really straightforward. You are taking the line HVIST 16: New Istanbul Airport – Taksim (which also stops for Nürtepe Viyadük and Piyalepaşa) and also you get off at the final stop, before the Point Hotel, close to Taksim square. From there you are able to either walk to the hotel of yours, take the metro or a taxi.

There used to become a series going to Sultanahmet. Regrettably, because of lesser demand this line was cancelled because of the time being. Instead, you can take the HVIST-12: İstanbul Havalimanı – Beyazıt Meydan line to Beyazıt Meydan (last stop), and there switch to the T1 – Kabataş-Bağcılar tram in the direction of Eminönü or Kabataş until you reach Sultanahmet. This’s much out of the most perfect choice since attaining the T1 platform and driving the usually hectic tram line with (a great deal of) luggage is a struggle. Yet another alternative is obviously a personal shuttle (see below).

The fare for the bus lines is thirty five TL per person, a proven way, luggage included. You are able to spend by credit card, bank card or maybe Istanbul Kart on the bus. Trips take on average hundred minutes, much more during rush hour. Luckily the buses have TV-movie-series expertise, WiFi, and USB charging units to help make the journey a little more pleasurable. You are able to discover the timetables and fares on the recognized Havaist site.
Personal Shuttle

A private shuttle is a good option for both the taxi and also the regular airport shuttle. They’re far more comfy compared to taxis, use a fixed rate, thus offer a significantly more calm (and safe) drive to the resort of yours. Unlike the Havaist airport shuttle, personal shuttles take you with the hotel’s doorstep. They’re additionally the best option once you travel with pretty young children. Just in case of the latter, request a kid seat.

Public Transportation

Obviously there’s likewise normal public transportation, but there’s a reason I put it practically last in the summary. Although a little cheaper, it’s quite adventurous. To begin with, you might find yourself faced with the luggage of yours in congested automobiles during rush hour. Next, the sole type less or more ideal for visitors is the H2: New Istanbul Airport – Mecidiyeköy. From there you have to often take a taxi or maybe grab the metro to reach the hotel of yours, which might include taking several stairs in escalators or case elevators are of order. Furthermore, the operating hours are just between six am and midnight.

Down the road, there is going to be a metro line. Nevertheless, the M11 is continually being constructed. It will start from Gayrettepe and integrate with the metrobus line, M2 Yenikapı-Hacıosman metro line (currently active) and M7 Kabataş-Mahmutbey line (still being constructed-first section, Mecidiyeköy-Mahmutbey, is projected to launch in the last quarter of 2019.
Hotel Airport Pick-Up

Almost all hotels are going to offer (upon request) an airport pick up. These pick-ups are seldom free of charge, and sometimes a lot more costly than the choices mentioned above. It is up for you to compute the real difference and choose which option best suits your preference or needs.