Applying for a passport or ID card if you live in Canada

Are you a Dutch national living in Canada? And would you wish to restore or maybe use for the Dutch passport or even identity card (ID card)? You are able to do this at the Dutch embassy in Ottawa, at the consulates general in Toronto and Vancouver and at the VFS Global office in Edmonton. You are able to likewise lodge the program of yours in a Dutch border municipality and at the Schiphol desk.

Do you simply use for a passport to keep the Dutch nationality of yours? You then are able to additionally ask for a certificate of Dutch nationality. That’s a cheaper option. And also you don’t need to check out the embassy or perhaps consulate general in person.

Because of the coronavirus, the choices to use for a passport or maybe ID card in an embassy or perhaps consulate general are restricted. This is true for applications in an office of an external service provider like VFS Global.
Step one: Create your individual checklist

It’s essential for the passport of yours or maybe ID card application you bring the appropriate documents and Canadian passport photos along with you. Therefore, per ID or passport card initially create an individual checklist for every application. Next you will know what files to bring.

Note: step two shows you if there are further document requirements in the nation you reside in.

You have to show up in person to use for the passport of yours. Somebody else isn’t permitted to do this for you. This is true for someone under the age of eighteen. She or he must be also existing at the application.
You may have to have the initial legalised.
You might offer files in Dutch, English, French or german. Abroad and also in the passport desk at Schiphol airport in Amsterdam, you might offer documents from the municipal registrar in Spanish. If the files of yours are in an additional language, you have to let them converted by a sworn translator.
You will be asked to provide extra documents.

When you’ve finished the checklist of yours, make sure you continue with step two.
Step two: Check the extra requirements for Canada

Based on the state of yours of residence, additional paper requirements might apply. Below you are able to learn about the demands for Canada.
Evidence of legal residence

You have to offer proof of legal residence of the nation where you reside. In Canada, you are able to accomplish this by providing among the following documents:

a legitimate study or even work permit;
a legitimate Canadian permanent residence permit;
a Canadian naturalisation certificate (bearing the day of naturalisation);
a Canadian Citizenship Card; in case additionally you keep the Canadian nationality: a valid Canadian passport.

Not any proof of legal residence

If you’ve absolutely no proof of legal residence, apply to Immigration, Refugees together with Citizenship Canada (IRCC) for any search of citizenship records. This can show whether you’re a resident of Canada.

You are able to additionally supply a declaration from the Canadian Immigration saying the program for the stay of yours is now being prepared. You have to present a valid passport prior to the application procedure may be finished.
Step three: Apply at a Dutch border municipality or perhaps at Schiphol Airport

When you would like to put on for your ID or passport card in the Netherlands, you are able to do this at among the Dutch border municipalities or perhaps at Schiphol Airport.
Step four: Apply in Canada

When you would like to put on for your ID or passport card in Canada, first make certain you’ve all of the essential documents. You are able to see what documents you require by finishing the checklist (step one). You must additionally investigate what further requirements apply in Canada (step two). You then are able to make a scheduled appointment.

Just how long can it take?

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs will initially decide whether you’re a Dutch national. In that case, you’re entitled to a passport or even ID card.

Your ID or passport card is going to be all set in approximately 3 weeks. You will be asked to provide extra files to help us assess the application of yours. If so, the decision time is going to be extended.
What if I want my ID or perhaps passport card at the same time?

Should you want the current passport of yours or perhaps ID card while the application of yours has been prepared, you are able to send it with the embassy or perhaps consulate general later on. The brand new passport/ID card will just be delivered to you once the present document of yours has arrived and also been cancelled in the embassy or perhaps consulate general.
Just how can I track the application of mine?

If you use for a travel document, you are going to receive a track & trace code. This allows you to monitor the condition of the application online of yours. You’ll be educated by email when the document of yours is prepared.
How can I get the document of mine?

Collection of files in person isn’t possible.