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Getting to and from Rhodes

You will find regular boats from Pireaus that usually leave between the hours of 1pm and 6pm. In case you’re going economy odds are you are able to buy a ticket at the boat though it’s ideal to reserve ahead of time so there’s absolutely no possibility of getting left behind. In case you would like a cabin, and that is suggested since it’s about a seventeen hour journey, then get it done through the travel agent of yours. The ferry makes stops at Patmos, Kalymnos, Kos and Leros too or maybe different mixtures of these destinations. There are occasional connections to Santorini, Mykonos, Crete plus other destinations although not daily. The most used boat will be the Blue Star that takes approximately thirteen to fifteen hours they say. In previous months there continues to be an after every week ferry to Samos, Lesvos, Chios, Thessaloniki and Limnos.

You will find ferries and excursions boats which visit the near by islands of Simi, Patmos, Kalymnos, Kos, Kastelorizo, Leros and Tilos and these’re normally highspeeds. You are able to do daytrips on the closer islands or maybe overnight excursions or perhaps bounce your way to Pireaus in case the schedules function in the favor of yours. These boats depart from Mandraki harbor and also you are able to go there and get hold of schedules or even organize trips through among the area travel agents.

There are many daily flights to RHO Airport from Athens plus 3 flights a week from Santorini (maybe). A lot of people fly to Rhodes instead of lose one day (a night actually) on the ferry. In the summertime it’s hard getting on the flight you like and you might need to go for the flight which has availability. You are able to book flights to Rhodes through the travel agent which books the hotels of yours or perhaps through Dolphin Hellas.

The city of Marmaris, Turkey is about an hour’s journey from Rhodes and you’ll find regular boats. You are able to find info within the port or perhaps through among the island ticket agencies. There’ll most likely be brochures on trips to Turkey in the hotel lobby of yours. A hydrofoil costs between Rhodes and Fethiye in August and July daily, except Saturday. The drive normally takes 1.5 hours. Another hydrofoil leaves Fridays and mondays from Bodrum to Rhodes from June to September and also usually takes two hours and fifteen minutes.

Rhodes is included on the itinerary of countless cruises originating in Greece and several from various other places also. The ships usually show up in the early morning and also leave in the evening, providing the passengers a whole morning to view the community as well as take a taxi out to Lindos or maybe the Valley of the Butterflies. Though the cruise companies offer excursions, these is slow running due to the quantity of individuals and I suggest obtaining a few buddies together and performing a personal taxi tour with Nick Axarlis and his brother Michalis the favorite taxi drivers of Rhodes

The most effective way to check out Rhodes is by dealing with a travel bureau who could get rates that are very good at hotels while dealing with you to select the hotel that fits the individuality of yours, budget or maybe some other circumstance. They are able to also organize your ferries and flights so you could make the most of your time and effort rather than you trying to book almost everything on your own as well as wishing for the best. Our journey was managed by Fantasy Travel and I endorse them. They’ve programs to Rhodes in conjunction with various islands or maybe on it is own or you are able to work with them on the own itinerary of yours.