Mount Toubkal Summer Ascent

This’s a fantastic climb of the stunning Mount Toubkal in the High Atlas of Morocco in North Africa in summer time conditions. Mount Toubkal is just around forty miles on the south of Marrakech and also on a clear morning, it could be certainly seen out of the community and the other way round. The summer climb is pretty straight forward and may be attained by the majority of regular hill walkers.

The Mt Toubkal trek of ours permits us to appreciate the sublime environment and historic society of the Berber daily life and there’s time on this particular trekking holiday to acclimatise effectively to the altitude by climbing many high passes minimizing peaks.

The gateway of ours to the Atlas Mountains is Marrakech, the so called white city. We overnight here and also have the chance to examine this ancient city with the exotic souks of its, gardens and palaces. The usually snow clad summits of the High Atlas, like Mount Toubkal, present a fantastic back drop on the ochre coloured structures of the community.

Mount Toubkal summer itinerary
Morning Summary
One Arrive Marrakech afternoon. Stay in city Riad.
Two Drive to Imlil. Walk on hill near Imlil. Stay in Imlil.
Three Walk to Tizi Tamaterit. Lunch at Ikiss. Walk to Tizi Aguersioual. Again in which to stay Imlil.
Four Walk to Tizi Mzik. Ascend Ouarzane valley. Camp at Tamsoult Refuge.
Five Walk up to Aguelzim thanks to a possible summit of Buidoudan or perhaps Aguelzim. Descend to camp at Nelter Refuge.
Six Climb South Cwm of Toubkal. Possibly descend North Cwm. Camp at Nelter Refuge.
Seven Optional Climb Ras & Timesguida Ouanoukrim. Lunch at Nelter. Descend in which to stay Imlil.
Eight Drive to Marrakech. Drive to airport to Depart afternoon/evening.
Staff on Mount Toubkal

The treks of ours and climbs in the Atlas mountains are led by a professional and also skilled nearby mountain guide and backed by a group of staff members that is experienced. This has logistical backup in the village of regional muleteers and Imlil as well as an expedition cook who’s additionally a seasoned guide. Each are out of the area communities and each has a lifetime of expertise of traveling and life for this particular component of the Atlas mountains. We’ve developed an extremely close working relationship with the Moroccan staff of ours over the course of numerous expeditions. Some trips will additionally be accompanied by a knowledgeable and experienced UK leader.
How fit do I have to be climbing Toubkal?

You don’t have to be super fit for this particular trekking holiday, nonetheless, the climbs are reasonably asking for with a few long days of sustained jogging with a backpack. The consequences of altitude is also going to reduce the level of yours of strength. Hence, you are going to enjoy the journey all of the more in case you’re in excellent physical shape having exercised on a regular basis and eaten nutritiously over no less than the six months leading approximately the trip.

As a guide, you have to become comfy walking on pretty hilly terrain for over six hours with a tiny package of around 5kg. You likewise have to have the ability to accomplish this for a selection of times in a row. It’s likewise critical that you’re fairly agile and steady on the feet of yours. There are several sections of descent on occasionally loose scree and rubble that will require agility and care to safely navigate.

This trip has some pretty long descents (3 4hrs+) which may be difficult on knees ankles and quite often hips also. If you’ve any previous or re-occurring injuries to all of these joints you need to become certain that they’re well healed prior to the trip. Please do talk to us or a relevant doctor in case you’ve some concerns or doubts.

Using trekking poles may be of help that is great for balance on loose soil also to take several of the strain from the knees of yours. You do have to master to use them correctly for them to be best though. We are able to contribute providing you suggestions about the journey though it’s a fantastic benefit to have used them before the trip.

Do beware of the high temperature, in summer it is going to be hot in Marrakech and also up in Imlil. Up in the mountains, including the fittest person is able to wrestle with the sport under a scorching sun. Do get sun cover.

The surface on Mt Toubkal Trek

The majority of the paths are in condition that is good, a few are looser and steeper under foot compared to others. When Climbing Mount Toubkal, the road does involve several unfastened scree, that could add to the energy expenditure of yours, particularly on the descent. The trails to Afella and Ouanoukrim are less trafficked than the key path up Toubkal so they’re much more sparse in places. At some points on these paths, you are going to need to utilize both feet and hands to negotiate a couple of rocky steps.

At the beginning of the journey, we are going to be in Marrakech. Right here it’s apt to be sexy though we’ll be walking properly around town, not holding anything. Because of this, you simply need cozy light-weight clothing and common shoes. As Morocco is a primarily Muslim nation it’s respectful to dress modestly, covering a minimum of the majority of the duration of your legs and arms. This’s particularly true for women. Temperatures might be up up to 35degC in the center of the day with brilliant sunshine. Sunglasses, sunhat and sunblock are thus essentially essential.

On a broad day of trekking in the mountains, we might be getting up early on when it might be less hot, maybe right down to 10degC in the shade. We might, thus, begin walking with thinner trekking trousers, a trekking shirt/base layer and maybe thin fleece or a jumper. As we warm in place while walking, so that as the sunshine comes up above the peaks we begin getting hotter. At this stage, we’ll likely be wearing a slim top, thin trousers or maybe shorts, sunglasses and sunhat. By midday, it might perhaps be 30degC, though on high passes and also peaks the wind chill of any breeze is likely to make it really feel a lot of cooler.

While we’re walking we’ll be carrying only a little rucksack or perhaps 25 35 litres. In this, we are going to have the water/windproof jacket of ours and trousers, the warmer top of ours, 2 litres of h2o, camera etc and also some favourite high energy snacks. When we’ve completed the day’s walk we are going to arrive at the camp of ours and perhaps be sharp to have our socks and shoes off and stroll around in sandals or perhaps flip-flop sandals. We might next put in a warmer level as the sun sets.